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CVMGA - 15th Season Opener with the Rebel Beach AMAM

A golf tournament is an organized event where golfers compete against each other, with the goal of achieving the lowest score possible. In the Conejo Valley MGA that isn't always the way it goes. 

Welcome the the 15th Season of the Conejo Valley MGA!!!!

In a typical golf tournament, players compete over the course of several days, but not here in the CVMGA. We set out to play under 7 hours. "Bad golf" is a term used to describe poor or ineffective golf playing. It can refer to a variety of issues, such as inconsistent swings, missed shots, poor putting, or lack of focus. It was a day that started out with rain and then the sun broke through. Many wished that it would help their scores, but not in the cards today. Twelve medios scored 100 or above. While three, somehow, stayed under 90.

While mediocrity may not sound particularly impressive, it is worth remembering that golf is a difficult sport that even the best players in the world struggle with at times. With dedication and perseverance, even mediocre golfers can become competent and enjoyable players, and can find a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment in the game. In the CVMGA, we strive for excellence in mediocrity.

It is important to remember that hitting trees, hitting bunker, or hitting water a common part of the game of golf, and even professional golfers encounter this hazard from time to time. By staying focused and making smart decisions on the course, golfers can minimize the impact of hitting trees on their overall score and performance. The CVMGA now has some new "awards" for these hazards.

While winning in golf can be challenging, it is also a rewarding and satisfying experience for many golfers. Whether competing at a high level or simply playing for fun, golf offers a unique opportunity for individuals to test their skills, challenge themselves, and enjoy the camaraderie and beauty of the sport. Today, CVMGA had the pleasure of witnessing two medios in a putt off. Not your normal putt off, that would be too easy. Super Steve and Russ had to putt on the rough and land closest to the green sprinkler cover. While one might say that is odd, we here at CVMGA headquarters totally understand. Russ went first.. As he lined his putt up, Super Steve looked away. Russ putted right, and right into the cement block. This then made his ball ricochet to the left and under the nicely place wicker chair. Super Steve got ready to putt. Everyone was awe struck as Super Steve placed his putt within 12 inches of the green sprinkler cover. The crowd went wild, and Super Steve won the entire $1.12. As luck would have it Super Steve and Russ were AMAM partners and this gave them the win for the Double Headed Trophy.

Golf tournaments can be a fun and exciting way to showcase your skills as a golfer, and they can also provide an opportunity to socialize with other golf enthusiasts. That is what we did today. Looking forward to the rest of the season medios.


Its the first article within the CVMGA since 2019...of course some things are going to be wonky.

Thank you to all who came out and braved the elements of Sunny Sourthen California. We hope you had as great as of time as we did.


Thanks to our sponsor, Regalo Hot Sauce, WE LOVE IT!!!!!

Event Results

1.Steven Melvin89$1.12
2.Russell Franc89$0.74
3.Stanley Yamada92$0.56
3.Greg Kent92$0.56
3.Roman Kisz92$0.56
6.Robert Papazian 93$0.43
7.Patrick Rodriguez94$0.37
8.Brandon Jackson95$0.31
9.Anthony Gonzales98$0.22
9.Kevin Belliotti98$0.22
11.Cameron White99$0.09
11.Joe Donia99$0.09
13.David Nystrom100$0.06
14.Tony Barrett101$0.04
14.Juan Camacho101$0.04
16.Robert Barnes 103$0.02
16.Kevin Thomas 103$0.02
18.Matt Elliott104$0.00
19.Bernie Geestman108$0.00
20.Rob MacIntyre111$0.00
21.Gary Fraigun114$0.00
22.William Steinmeyer117$0.00
23.Jeff Rickert123$0.00
24.Christine Hardison125$0.00

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