Chapter News

CV forces AM AM to CV

OG Brian Carson and CL Jstar Win the AmAm with a combined net score of 181...


Woody and Neil Meltdown...


And now collectively we wait for a golfing future that will almost certainly kinda never come...   

CORONA, CA-  Some could argue it was meant to be, but there's already alot of that going on right now so let's simply look at what happened. Week before last, the shelter in place order was issued for NorCal effectively ending SFMGA's chances of a March AmAm and casting serious doubts for our chances down south... or did it? After a rollercoaster week of will they won't they, as of Friday afternoon 4:00 pm, we were a go for launch at Hidden Valley with 24 Medios eager to get one last round in before going into a government forced, prime golf season hibernation. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures, I get it. But as news and the social atmosphere has been transforming rapidly, by 4:02 we got word Hidden Valley would be closing and we needed to either cancel the AmAm indefinitely or find another option. Now even though we are blessed with an abundance of kinda good courses in the IE, most of them were already closed at this point and it was nothing short of a small miracle that spots were secured just down the road from HV in Norco at Cresta Verde in Corona, and at near the same tee off time for $20 less to boot. Ya the late switch and growing panic caused registerants to drop from an already diminished 24 to 16, but we still had a "full" field and the course was in above average shape, especially for "Crusty Dirty". Oh, and although we won't give them too much shit because we like their course, we got word during the round that Hidden Valley would be reopening the following day...again, lotta uncertainty goin on but still that's kinda Mediocre of y'all. 

So Anyways... it was a beautiful day, golf was played, and a good time was had by all. As mentioned Brian and I won the team portion with an almost perfectly Mediocre 181. The rest of the net team scores were as follows...

2nd- RPD & DY 188 (Defending Champs) 

3rd- Devin & Woody 195

4th- Dr. Bob & Fitz 196

5th- J-Money & Gilbo 198

6th- Neil & Chris 199

7th- Bear & Kerp 201

8th- Tim & Ricky 220 



Although they finished in a distant 3rd as a team, it could have been slightly better if not for Woody's possible chapter record MELTDOWN of 17 strokes following a MEAGLE & a MALBATROSS on the Par 5 9th !!! Congrats Dude !!! Not on the Meltdown obviously but, sometimes carding an EAGLE is reason to give up on the rest of the round, hahaha.

Neil on the otherhand, has become known as the best Medio yet to win a big check. Coming in odds were 2020 would be his year and he almost did it out the gate. Well he did win the 2020 preseason scramble but no check was awarded... Anyways, he was well on his way until the par 4 16th where a couple poorly struck balls and some rule misunderstsndings ultimately led to a double digit score and a spirited club toss. He would go on to lose by a slim three strokes... Although I wasn't quick witted enough to do it on the spot, an honorary MELTDOWN ball will be awarded if we ever golf again.     

So Yes, Obviously We Will Golf Again... 

But as weekend after weekend pass with nothing more than backyard chipping sessions and countless instructional videos permeating our consciousness, the hope that this osmosis of information will translate into lower scores once we finally get another chance on the browning fairways will bring us back with enthusism and vigor... but only kinda. 

Event Results

1.Josh Olson88$1.12
2.Neil Ashworth91$0.74
3.Devin Hundley92$0.62
4.Brian Carson93$0.53
4.Dave Young93$0.53
6.Brian Lopez95$0.37
6.Eric Matteson95$0.37
6.Ryan Davis95$0.37
9.Tim Minamyer96$0.25
10.Gilbert Tiedt98$0.19
11.Jason Moyer100$0.12
12.Mike Fitzsimmons101$0.06
13.Steve Woodland103$0.06
14.Chris Kerpan 106$0.04
15.Christopher Garcia108$0.03
16.Richard Dunham124$0.02