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The Coron-Am Am 2020

Hello Madison Medios!

The 2020 season is finally underway, about a month and a half late (thanks, Covid.) On a blustery day at Edelweiss where only four Medios even broke 100, Sam Zagone walked away with...nothing, as we couldn't meet after the round. Sam was forced to wait patiently until our next event, where he finally embraced his coveted big check. But, Sam wasn't done there: he and Sam Fenker formed Team Sam, and they (at the next event) exited with the trophies! BUT Sam STILL wasn't done: he also captured the Gross Award with a 92! Did I mention that this was also his first event in the MGA? 

Our other big winners were Jim Lukken with the Most Mediocre, Ben Bader with the Biggest Meltdown, Nell Lapres took down the Longest Drive, Zach Ziebol was Closest to the Pin, and Sam Wauford won the Key to the Red Tees! Congrats everyone!

I'd also like to welcome all the new folks to the MGA! We're so happy to have you!

The big winner Sam Z was nice enough to write-up his Rebel Beach experience. I've included it below his picture. Just keep scrolling.

The New CL
(Despite who it says wrote this)

Let me take you back to where this all began. On a biting, cold day in mid-October 2019, with winds approaching 30 mph, I decided it was a good idea to play a round of golf at Pleasant View GC. It was there, on the 3rd tee of the Prairie course, that I was waved through by a group of guys that still seemed to be having a good time on that shitbucket of an October day. I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m not THAT crazy for being out here, these guys are still playing – and pounding beers!” I sliced my drive close to the pond and Mike must have liked what he saw, since he approached with a business card for the MGA. I was taken back by the invitation. I said, “But didn’t you see that drive? It was awful”, in which he responded, “No… it was mediocre”.  It was then that I saw what MGA stands for, and I knew I stumbled into something that might be an OK time.

Fast forward to May 9, 2020, where I made my debut on tour. A bit chilly, a bit windy, but the sun was promising. I arrived and made my way to the first tee, where I met my 9:10 am group, Micah and Angel. I took a couple practice putts that ran off the practice green and decided I shouldn’t show off my skill to these guys just yet. Micah was taking wild practice hacks that created a gust of wind reminiscent of that October day last year. After seeing that, I was glad I had stopped in the clubhouse to take a shit before the round.  I took out 3 wood to stay short of the bunker and hit it just right of the fairway. Angel poked his drive just off the right, a bit shorter. Micah stepped up and took a few more practice swings with his driver that skimmed the grass, and I swear I heard the earth say “ouch” each time. He proceeded to hit a high laser that I believe went through the tree unscathed, and landed just off the left, 20 yards short of the green. I thought, “Shit, I might have underestimated this league."

Luckily for me and the rest of the field, that was Micah’s best drive of the day. It ended up being a difficult day for everyone, with frozen concrete-like fast greens and a steady wind that seemed to always be hurting or blowing left to right. I still have nightmares of some of those pin placements. Micah ended up with a 103 after a few meltdown holes, and Angels back 9 didn’t go so well, leading to a 115. Four birdies saved my round, thanks to some of the best control of my lob wedge I have ever had, resulting in an 86.

It is a major bummer that we were not able to meet after the round for beers and to claim my earnings. I was hoping to buy a Snickers on the way home, but there’s always next time.


Sam Zagone


Event Results

1.Sam Zagone92$1.12
2.Jeremy Lewis94$0.74
3.Nell Lapres96$0.62
4.Max Wasserman99$0.56
5.Mike Mallder100$0.50
6.Matt Arduini102$0.37
6.Austin Pfundheller102$0.37
6.Sam Fenker102$0.37
9.Keith Mallder103$0.19
9.Rod Knozzle103$0.19
9.Micah Latty103$0.19
12.James Hickman106$0.06
13.Shannon Lupton108$0.04
13.Adam Allison108$0.04
13.Jon Slaton108$0.04
16.Jim Lukken109$0.02
17.Ben Bader110$0.00
18.Carl Gottgetreu112$0.00
18.Ron Marty112$0.00
20.Joe Anich113$0.00
21.Angel Lopez115$0.00
22.Kristina Weltzin116$0.00
23.Zach Ziebol117$0.00
24.Jeremy Weber119$0.00
25.Ken Norton120$0.00
25.Brandon Nontelle 120$0.00
27.Jason Natrop124$0.00
27.Casey Willauer124$0.00
29.Samuel Wauford125$0.00
29.Tyler Ambroziak125$0.00