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Charlotte Am-Am Recap: Some things never change!

The 2019 Charlotte MGA season is under way! 

We are thrilled to have 18 new members (so far), bringing our total to an all-time high of 24.

And all 24 of us (except one lucky @#$%! who got Sweet 16 tickets) registered for our first event, giving us the largest field in chapter history.

So, with all this new blood, what happpens at the Rebel Beach Am-Am at Rocky River?

Eric Waddell wins again! His net 90 edged Les Smith by one stroke. I guess we can say that Eric W *kinda* defended his 2017 Am-Am title, since he missed last year's event.

For those of you who don't know, Eric W has won roughly 87% of all Charlotte MGA events, in spite of being a member for just three of our five previous seasons. He's a gentleman and a scholar, and a force to be reckoned with!

Eric W also won the team title with his partner Matt Coffey, spoiling Zach Hill's quest for a third straight two-headed trophy.

Here are the team results: 1) Eric Waddell-Matt Coffey 193  2) Michael Swartz-Tom Swartz 195  T3) Zach Hill-Xavier Augustyniak 202  T3) Les Smith-Scott Buckelew 202  5) Kevin Andrews-Kevin Simon 218  6) Darid Candies-Frank Norwood 237  7) Colin Madden-Tom Bronsink 239  8) Dave Lively-Lee Fletcher 246  9) Michael Griswold-Sai Dass 248  10) Andrea Blosser-Chris Blosser 249.

And the awards: Most Mediocre: Kevin Simon*  Biggest Meltdown: Zach Hill, Frank Norwood.  Longest Drive: Michael Swartz.  Closest To Pin: Lee Fletcher.  Gross Award: Tom Swartz (87).  Key to the Red Tee: Andrea Blosser**

*This is a change from what was announced on Sunday. I did the math wrong; sorry! Kevin, I'll get you your golden M next time. (Also, Kevin was tied with Dave Lively. There can only be one Most Mediocre, so I had to flip a coin.)

**For the first time in our history, the winner of the KTTRT was already playing from the red tees. Now what??

Looking forward to The Bastards on May 5!

Event Results

1.Eric Waddell90$1.12
2.Les Smith91$0.74
3.Tom Swartz93$0.62
4.Xavier Augustyniak98$0.56
5.Michael Swartz 102$0.50
6.Matt Coffey103$0.43
7.Zachary Hill104$0.34
7.Kevin Andrews104$0.34
9.Chris Blosser107$0.25
10.Scott Buckelew111$0.19
11.Eric Law112$0.12
12.Kevin Simon114$0.06
12.David Lively114$0.06
14.Darid Candies115$0.04
14.Colin Madden115$0.04
16.Frank Norwood122$0.02
17.Michael Griswold123$0.00
18.Thomas Bronsink124$0.00
19.Saikumar Dass125$0.00
20.Scott Fitzgerald 126$0.00
21.Richard Fletcher132$0.00
22.Andrea Blosser142$0.00
23.Rory NoonanDNF$0.00