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  In a day where Evan Sinclair went for 87 and penalty adjusted 93, Jacob Martinez said Evan just aint good enough finishing with a 91. Jacob's best round since joining the legendary club of Pleasanton MGA. Jacob's day was great but Andrew 'Chan' Chan dropped 2 birdies, going 44, 42 and finishing with an 86, and penalty adjusted 88. Andrew celebrated with his gut and bling on. Andrew's day got his 2nd BIg Check in the league and in the top 5 of the chapter money list. Ahad Dil had another ho-hum 93, 98 penalty adjusted and Long Drive Champ for the round. Steve 'Lawn Dart' Wallace dropped a precise shot 3' 4.5" from the hole and get closest to the pin. Not to ever be out mediocred Steve chose to lay up the putt and par the hole. Thinking strategery, Emory Epperson shot a tiring 128, to guarnatee an good advantage his next time out by earning the Keys to the Red. Being mediocre is what Martin O'Brien does shooting 109 while Nic Hovanic forgot toilet paper on the back nine. Nic shit himself 11 strokes worse to finish at 103. Thanks for reading this. From Chandonnay, yours mediocre leader, RB.

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