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The Canadian wins the top seat at the “real MGA “ event.

There’s nothing better than playing Island golf, while tilting back the Modelo‘s. All five groups waiting at the first tee for their loudspeaker announcements and magazine photo ops. Is it LIV or live? the tourist ask from their hourly rented golf carts. Nope just another MGA sanctioned event. The Canadian taking the top spot with 3 meagles and a bunch of sevens ending with a score of 84. Second place going to Stan “the man” and third going to Greg “the garbageman” Dayak.The former two time champion (hitting from the blue tees) comes in at 4th. Wait, let me say that again 4th. giggles giggles….  but being the Pro that she is puts her loss behind her and starts writing the checks and filling out the paperwork. Is that steam I see coming off her head !! With that being said, all players, lifting their shots of tequila, CHEERS well done to all players and praises to the over-towners for showing up on game day. 

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