Chapter News

Burger wins inaugural Open Busch Invitational

With Regionals being cancelled due to the Rona, and all the medios who were signed up still wanting to golf, we here at the NWI got busy thinking of a tournament to hold. Dr. Frankenstein and Egor went to work and the Open Busch Invitational was born. With trophies, awards, and even a "biggish" check everything was set. Mediocre golfing, copious amounts of beer being consumed, and a whole lot of trash talking could have easily been predicted for the day, but no one could have imagined the finish. When all the scores were added up we found ourselves with a threeway tie for the win. Time constraints being what they were, Burger Beyers, Dan Reid, and Steve Majors headed to the putting green to see who would be the victor. After three tries from three distances we had a winner. Burger Beyers is the winner of the first Open Busch Invitational and the open Busch trophy.

The gross award would go to Mike Sheffield who shot a 78. Althgough Dan Reid didn't putt quite good enough in the tie-breaker his driver was dialed in and he won Long Drive. Mike Freeman snuck in by one foot to win the Closest award. Peter James walked away with the Meltdown. Andy Gardner was the winner of the Highest Score trophy.

I do have to mention a very impressive shot made by Jaque DeBeer. He was about 96 yards out in some nasty tall grass, weeds, cattails and we all wanted to see him take 4 wacks trying to get it out. In something right out of a PGA event, he picked it clean out and landed on the green about 5 feet from the flag. You can see the pic of him hitting out if you scoll all the way down.