Chapter News

Burger Tops FORE Field

 With the season winding down, the top spot on the chapter money list is tight. A win here, and a lot of luck, could push any of the top four into a slightly comfortable lead. At the end of the day when all the carts were uprighted (picture below) and the scores were tallied the winner did in fact find himself vaulted to the top of the money list with a little breathing room.

 Burger Beyers finally broke his winless streak to become the 2022 FORE Champion. With two more events left to play he isn't out of the crosshairs of a few other medios looking to take his spot as King of the Money List.

  On to the rest of the awards:

 Keeping it just on the fairway and a little farther than only one sumbitch, Carey Gorski gets the Long Drive

 Burger Beyers, where have I heard that name before....., smashed the dreams of two other medios to win the Closest to the Pin.

 I will give a shout out to Carey Gorski again, for he also won Most Mediocre with a 47/47. That is some mediocre ass golfing right there.

 In a tie for the Meltdown, yes I said a tie, was Shawn Sites and rookie medio Ryan Morgan. Maybe too much Fireball??

 And grabbing the multipurpose, flashy, hope it can help me out next tournament Red Key award was none other than rookie medio Alex Lengel.

 A big thanks goes out to Minnie Monese Golf Course for hosting us. First time we played there and the course and staff were great. And as always thank you to our sponsors Carpenters Local 599 and Safety Training Services.