Chapter News

Burger battles FORE victory

After winning a threeway tie at the Open Busch Invitational, Burger once again found himself in a putt-off for the win. This time it was against the always fierce Mr. Sheffield. Side bets were made, the showdown was on and with a slightly better than mediocre read of the green Burger edged out Sheffield to become the 2020 FORE champ. After a win at the F.U., the Busch, and now the FORE, Burger has acquired some pretty nice hardware for the mancave. With only 2 events left I am sure he is in t he crosshairs of every medio. 

Although Sheffield didn't pull off the win, he didn't go away empty handed as he was able to sneak in a tee shot to win the Closest. He would also share the Gross award with Burger.  Andy Gardner showed his flex and out drove everyone winning the Long Drive. Jaque ends up with the "Mediocre" round of the day. Meltdown (thanks to TOO much swing juice) goes to our CL. And rounding out awards with yet another Red Key goes to Pat Booth.