Chapter News

Buff...No, J.J. says F.U.

The scorecards were slowly rolling in. Buff Tahoe looked like he was in postion for the F.U. Open. Shots bought for celebration. Buff had posted a 90 (45,45) with no penalty strokes.  The check got signed. The trophy was presented. The closest to the pin was awarded with a Fireball. Picture was taken. The great F.U. Open had come to a close for the Pleasanton MGA...But it didn't feel right....

     The next morning after a few ibuprofens and some Gatorade. With vision finally clear; the REAL CHAMP showed himself. After putting in the scores, J.J. Minioza's name was at the top of the leaderboard and the PMGA should be looking for a new chapter leader. PMGA is always looking for a leader but yet still to no avail. Anyway J.J. dropped back to back 42s for a 84 and adjusted 89, to edge out Buff and take home the trophy. (When I get it and the check back.) On J.J.'s home course, he gets the trophy, a HUGE check, and a HUGER apology from the chapter leader:) Plus a complimentary Fireball as well. 

    In the fight for the key to the reds, Bill Bailey posted his career best score of 120. Bill finished in third to last ahead of his son Jake Bailey and Brenden Hamilton. Brenden well deserves the key dropping an amazing 169 while smiling and having fun! Next tourney I am requesting that guy. Tyler Marshall, who was noticed shotgunning White Claws (thats a thing) shooting a ho-hum 85, unadjusted. Tyler gets the super cool decal and a photo to show he had fun. 

   In all the Bridges was great to PMGA on that sunday. Great weather and a well maintained course. The course is a great challenge as plenty of balls were left for others to find later. Next tourney is in July on the 12th at Monarch Bay Till next time. kiss