Chapter News

BREAKING NEWS! Adam Bomb destroys Midland Valley Golf Course

Albert Einstein wrote to the US pleading with the government to build an atomic bomb 80 years ago. He had no idea what the fallout could be from such an idea.  Neither did the slack jaw Medios of the Aiken MGA chapter when the skies darkened and the oxygen was removed from their bodies as an explosion off the tees came from our champion, Adam "Bomb" Bates.

Adam "Bomb" Bates causally ate these chips as he chewed up the competition.  An astute observer in the gallery noted that he took exactly 83 bites to finish this bag which exactly matched his winning score.  No Aiken Medio has broken 90 in competition and Adam "Bomb" Bates said the hell with that,  and dropped a nuke on us all for a smooth 83. He even flirted with a triple bogey on 9 which could have lead to DQ score otherwise,  but he kept it mediocre showing the fans why he belongs on this tour.  

Rookie Kiefer Tindall not only gave up the honors of the red key to his cousin Jason.  He also took home a sweet sticker and nabbed himself a closest to the pin award. Keeping it real Medio, the lead group responsible for placing the long drive and closet to the pin markers, mixed them up and placed the wrong markers for each hole.  

Two time champion Steve "Scuba" Lee put up a good score from the back tees but failed to take yet another one of chapter leader J'Remy Wilson's trophies.  He will be hitting from the middle next month and best believe this competitor, will be posed to clip another one.