Chapter News

Bratish at Snowflake

Congrats Ricky!

While the rest of us Medio’s we’re hitting into backyards and bouncing Titleist’s off of camp trailers,  Ricky was crushing the Squatch down the fairway on his way to the Bratish championship win. Well done!


See you all next week at Holbrook!

Event Results

1.Ricky Montejano 91$1.26
2.John Valdivia 92$0.84
4.Tim Debrocke94$0.63
5.Russell Ward98$0.53
5.Steven Rogers98$0.53
7.James Root99$0.42
8.Cliff Schweigert100$0.35
9.Chuck McCalmont101$0.25
9.Jeffrey Cook101$0.25
11.DAVID DOWLER103$0.14
12.Will Rivera104$0.07
13.Shannon Rivera110$0.06
14.Brandon Gardner111$0.05
15.Casey Lusk113$0.04
16.Shawn Boyd117$0.02