Chapter News

Brad Roberts wins the Coronavirus AM AM 2020

It's in the books folks!  In the largest first tourney tournout in MGA History (33 of 37 registrants attending - that's 90% people!) - the grissled one, Big Dick Brad Roberts performed at his home course to the tune of Low Gross 83 and took down his second win in the MGA.  Did the event take 7 hours due to no shotgun start? Yes.. but who's rushing to get home to quarantine... am I right?  

Brad teamed up with another local MGA legend and former Chapter Money winner, Tony Snow.  Tony also show well, (somehow with ZERO strokes) at a 90 - well enough to take home his second AM AM trophy.  

We had another record broken this year, with SEVEN brand new members attending - and while a couple were pretty freaking terrible at golf, they played fast and none of them were douche bags.  Pretty rad stat going into our 7th season in the MGA, showing that despite our mediocre leadership - DFW has intense local staying power by staying away from recruiting anyone with a pulse. 

Thanks to these new members for coming out!

Andy Velayos

Justin Reed

Chad Lowell

Brad Tharp

Juan Cervantes

Elliott Hobbs

Rick Richardson

Event Results

1.Brad Roberts87$1.12
2.Jonathan Dennehy89$0.68
2.Brian Berry89$0.68
4.Tony Snow90$0.56
5.Max Toback91$0.50
6.Todd Jenkins92$0.37
6.Mike Windham92$0.37
6.Brandon Alaniz92$0.37
9.Matthew Dorchak93$0.25
10.Joseph Sisco94$0.16
10.Lewis Higginbotham94$0.16
12.Jeremy Mathis97$0.06
13.Allen Blake98$0.04
13.Reagan Dooley98$0.04
13.Dale Williford98$0.04
13.Daniel Gray98$0.04
17.Josh Jobe99$0.00
17.Adam T.99$0.00
19.Dan Sargent100$0.00
19.Andy Velayos100$0.00
21.Dan Cantrell104$0.00
22.Chris Phillips106$0.00
23.David Badger109$0.00
24.Ryan Riviello110$0.00
25.Justin Reed112$0.00
26.Michael Rountree113$0.00
27.Geoff Scott115$0.00
27.Juan Cervantes115$0.00
29.Brad Tharp121$0.00
30.Robbie Rogers125$0.00
31.Chad Lowell132$0.00
32.Elliot Booth150$0.00
33.Rick Richardson165$0.00