Chapter News

Bowers Punches his ticket to worlds!

Knoxville MGA played their 7th annual F. U. Open at Centennial Golf Course! 40 medios trying to climb that FU rock and plant themselves as champion!

1st group kicked it off with Charles going right and I mean right into the woods.....asked if he should drop here to taken it where it went out, and to answer the question by VP Bowers......doesn't matter you are already out of the running! Ah yes, but he may be still in the running for the most 10's! Hole 1 wasn't really good to the Ontiveros group as they carded two 10s and one 8 to start the day, they did however turn themselves around by shooting bogey on the next hole!

Hole 11 was an interesting one, as Sean hit his ball left and Shelly hitting hers right. After Sean hit his ball, he saw that Shelly was still looking for her ball, well after a bit of looking and going thru the woods, Sean then asked if that was her ball in front of her cart.......Yup it was!

Overall Champ and punching his ticket to Vegas was Mr. Jason Bowers shooting an 87 on the day!

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Event Results

1.Jason Bowers87$1.35
2.John Henley90$0.83
2.Max Raterman90$0.83
4.Justin Paul92$0.68
5.Shane Peck93$0.60
6.Martin Niezgoda94$0.41
6.Sean Fay94$0.41
6.Brandon Wise94$0.41
6.Michael Forcier94$0.41
10.Junior Wiggins 95$0.23
11.Joe Ontiveros97$0.15
12.Andrew Millett100$0.08
13.Cody Mckee101$0.07
14.David Ashburn102$0.05
14.Fred Tipton102$0.05
16.David Simons 105$0.02
17.Daniel Vass109$0.00
18.Mark Love110$0.00
18.Alex McKee110$0.00
18.Korey Whitlock110$0.00
21.Jason Martinez 112$0.00
22.Gene Millett113$0.00
23.Curtis Stone116$0.00
24.Charles Norris118$0.00
25.Shelly Henley122$0.00
26.Jason PruittDNF$0.00