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BOOM!! Findlay MGA explodes on local golf scene

Welcome boys and girls of all ages to the new Findlay MGA golf league! This fun and laid back tournament is geared toward bogey golfers but is a unique and enjoyable way for beginners or anyone who's never played in a league before. One tournament a month at different courses throughout season, come when you can, but 5 tournaments qualifies you for our Mediocre World Championship in VEGAS BABY!!!! That's right, you stay in the 80's and go play with the big boys, if not no worries, us sucky folk have our own tournament!! SO SUCK IT you hosers. The rules and regulations for tournament scoring is posted on the MGA page so read up. Can't wait to see you on March 28 @ 5pm for our indoor golf meeting, rounds and drinks @ The Links Indoor Golf on South Main St. in Findlay. Our First Tournament is April 11 @ Birch Run in North Baltimore!!!

Several different area courses like Stone Ridge, Hidden Creek, Bucyrus Golf Club, Kings Mill and Sycamore Springs.

Regional Touraments at Bedford Hills and Darby Creek


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as a Canadian, that sounds like fightin' words SO SUCK IT you hosers.

That's what I'm talking aboot, eh?

can't wait for the BIG check,lol