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Bobby G Begins New Rob Streak At MGA Championship


BEREKELEYEYE, CA - A little rain wasn't enough to stop 18 Real MGAers from coming out to fight for the second Major championship of the year. Everyone in the chapter who isn't named Rob was excited to keep the non-Rob streak going, after Kevin Williams successfully broke their stranglehold at The Bastards.

Unfortunately, it was not to be, with Todd "Benoit" Benoit coming closest by splitting two Robs at the front of the field. Bobby "Rob" Giosso took the win with a 90, Benoit finished one shot back and Rob Koth took third in a tie with Jacy Jackson at 92.

The win saw Bobby G jump to the top of a rapidly changing "Money" list with a solid $0.400000 lead over former leader Martin Brohm. All the top finishers scores were very impressive to the rest of the field, who totally sucked and spent entire day wishing they had spent the $15 on rain gloves.

That being said though, Bobby G said the key to his victory was his 5 wood, which stayed true all day and kept him out of the long feskew (a.k.a. fuckew) Tilden has recently grown out.

Next up for the SFMGA is the F.U. Open on June 22nd. Freedom and Unity be celebrated to the max at a brand new course for the chapter, Las Positas Golf Course in Livermore. REGISTER HERE and then start hunting for the perfect patriotic outfit to show you care about this great country of ours.



Event Results

1.Bob G90$1.35
2.Tod Benoit-Benoit 91$0.90
3.Rob Koth92$0.71
3.Jacy Jackson92$0.71
5.Je$$e Marty97$0.56
5.scott sanders97$0.56
7.Martin Brohm98$0.41
7.Pentabo Clortino98$0.41
9.Jon Morley100$0.26
9.Justin Davidson100$0.26
11.Matt Telles101$0.15
12.Rob Kristie104$0.08
13.Alex Fontana105$0.07
14.Rob Tedrick107$0.05
15.Andrew Murray109$0.04
16.Chad Nessi115$0.02
17.Matthew Wilson121$0.00 vak123$0.00