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Bob LeClair takes the Money List Lead

Metropolan was kind, calm and very gracious on this amazing sunday. The PMGA rolled out for the second time this year delivering some ups and a muddy down.

Bob LeClair walked away with the trophy and check, but also the MONEY LEAD! Bob had a beautiful 86 for the win thanks to, yours truly, a disqualification. (I had my 5 yr check my grammar and punctuation for me Josh:p) Bob won by 2 strokes thanks to Ahad Dil's penalty strokes. Follwoed by Jacob DInkelspiel and Mike Drews with 89s. Bob meandered his way thru Metro and being called Official Douche Bag winner! ALways knew it Bob. Bob played with me, Greg, and Joe Pags. I was the forgotten story with a ho-hum 78 and dq. Joe did what he does but Greg made everyone's day he disappeared down in the creek with the rest of th bay areas' golf balls. Greg hopes to retire said shoes after discovering why so many balls were down in that creek. 

Closest to pin belonged to Ahad Dil for back to back and Andrew Chan smoked his tee shot to capture longest drive. 

Bob's 3rd round in the 80s out of the last 4 got Bob back were he was 2 yrs ago and with 3 penalty strokes again. I discovered what shooting in the 70s feels like. I have reached my zenith because I bested by one stroke one of my longest golfing buddy's best round by one! Billy "79" Ortiz. 

Billy I shot a 78. You shot a 79. You're up.

Till October 17

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Great grammar.