Chapter News

Big News at The Bastards!

What a day! First it was a beautiful sunny day just the right temperature for golf. Then it got windy. Not just a little breezy but freakin’ windy! It was actually blowing balls off the tee, which is a good thing for some of our golfers!

We went out with 18 players and two guests. Thanks Beth Smith and Paul Rix, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and had a good day. Also a great big thank you to Liquid Death for the Spring Water. Most of the players were skeptical when they saw me handing out water in what looked like 16oz can of Guiness! After little arm twisting they realized it was really water.

The first group of Barry Rose(101), Andrew Cartwright(105), Barry Robinson(94), and Kal Kalamas(99) got to tee off a little early. They showed the rest of us the way through the wind.

Second group consisting of Joe Bongo(108), Junior Hill(114), Jack Cashon(111), and Mike Schillace(126), made sure the guys in front of them kept moving.

The third group was the group to watch. Stan Kohut(114), Branden Krueger(102), Jason Brock(83+9), and Devnin Lucas(123). Even in the horrendous windy conditions, Jason managed to pump out an 83 then added 9 penalty strokes for a tournament winning 92.

DJ Fait(99), Ian Fait(105), Tim Riley(117), and John Poff(106), didn’t seem to mind the wind at all and came up with some pretty mediocre scores in spite of it.

Bringing up the rear gave us Joe Carideo(95), Janet Benti(133), Guest Beth Smith(121) and Guest Paul Rix(135). This was Janet’s first event as a MGA member and I think she’ll be back for more.

The trophy winners were as follow: Closest to the Pin – Branden Kreuger, Most Mediocre – Joe Bong, Meltdown – Junior Hill with 4, The Red Key winner was Jan Benti. The big news here was Ian Fait who won the Longest Drive. On a 411yd Par 4, Ian’s drive left him about 30yds from the pin! You do the math! As soon as Ian’s urine test comes in we’ll give him his sticker!

As we already mentioned Jason Brock was the Champion of the Tournament. Jason’s getting used to winning in spite of his 9 penalty strokes. That’s not the biggest news of the day though. Jason seemed to be in a hurry to get home, and just wanted to get his check, gross trophy, the Green Jacket with Matching Blue Trucker Hat. But we convinced him he had to stay to the end. In typical fashion, the Envelopes were almost forgotten about. But we did remember them, and Jason picked the one he wanted.

AND BOOM!!! Say hello to the 2nd Bronze Ticket Winner Jason Brock! Yep, and he wanted to leave early. I’m sure there’s no regrets. Jason will receive 3 days – 2 nights at the WC and golf is free as well. CONGRATULATIONS!

The MGA Championship is coming up May 15 at Tarpon Springs GC. The dates were picked and confirmed back in January, and then we found out when the 4th Annual SHIT Show was. All were given the option to play in Fort Myers and some may still go that day. Good Luck to all.

Event Results

1.Jason Brock92$1.26
2.Barry Robinson94$0.84
3.Joe Carideo95$0.70
4.Kal Kalamas99$0.60
4.DJ Fajt99$0.60
6.Barry Rose101$0.49
7.Branden Krueger102$0.42
8.Andrew Cartwright105$0.32
8.Ian Fajt105$0.32
10.John Poff106$0.21
11.joe bongo107$0.11
11.Jack Cashon107$0.11
13.olien hill114$0.06
13.Stan Kohut114$0.06
15.Tim Riley117$0.04
16.Devin Lucas123$0.02
17.Mike Schillace126$0.00
18.Janet Benti133$0.00
19.Robert StoneDNF$0.00