Chapter News

The Big F.U. is Done!

Congratulations to newcomer, Andy Barno, for winning the Freedom & Unity Open 2019. On a tough Bardmoor Golf Course, Andy shot a winning 89 to take home the big check and one of the nicest trophies we have. Great job, Andy.


The F.U. was inundated with ties; we even had a tie for the Red Key! Taking the 2nd place spot was the ever dangerous, Mike Robin (92), and right behind Mike was Steve Persang (96) holding up 3rd place.


Keeping it a family affair, Steve’s father-in-law John Swiger (101) took 4th place, and then our ties started! Tied for 5th were Stan Kohut and DJ Fait (103) just in front of a tie for 7th with Wayne “The Papa” Persang, and Rip Potter (104).


Then we had a four-way tie for 9th place with Tim Riley, Doug Jacobs, Barry Rose, and Joe Carideo (105)! Larry Campoli (108) kept 13th place all to himself right in front of a 3-way tie for 14th. Jack Cashon, Wayne “The Son” Persang, and Junior Hill (110) rounded out the field of finishers.


Long Drive and Closest to the Pin went to Wayne “The Son” Persang. Most Mediocre went to John Swiger, and the Biggest Meltdown to Larry Hurst.


The final tie of the day was The Red Key. Joe Bongo, and Mike Garner tied with a 115 to each take home the much-coveted Red Key.


Special thanks go out to our two guests, Jackson Riley and Robert Froelich. We hope you enjoyed playing with us as much as we enjoyed having you.


Now it’s on to “The Bratish Open” being played July 20th at East Lake Country Club. Here’s to a large turnout, and lots of money winners!


Event Results

1.Andrew Barno89$1.35
2.Mike Robin92$0.90
3.Steve Persang96$0.75
4.John Swiger101$0.68
5.Stanley Kohut103$0.56
5.DJ Fajt103$0.56
7.Wayne R. Persang104$0.41
7.richard potter104$0.41
9.Tim Riley105$0.19
9.Doug Jacobs105$0.19
9.Joe Carideo105$0.19
9.Barry Rose105$0.19
13.Larry Campoli108$0.07
14.Jack Cashon110$0.04
14.Wayne Persang Jr.110$0.04
14.olien hill110$0.04
17.Lawrence Hurst111$0.00
18.joe bongo115$0.00
18.Mike Garner115$0.00