Chapter News

Better late than never!!!!

Started off cold but heated up nicely. We needed to recognize our winners with great artwork!!!

Event Results

1.Jason Miller90$1.05
2.Tom Feeney94$0.70
3.Philip Sylak97$0.58
4.Shawn Murphy99$0.52
5.Wayne Patton 102$0.47
6.James Pingle105$0.38
6.Jordan Bidwell105$0.38
8.Tim Anderson107$0.29
9.James Toler111$0.23
10.Kevin Fetters114$0.15
10.Ron Anderson114$0.15
12.Tim Evans115$0.06
13.Nate Anderson116$0.05
14.Matthew Lenhart119$0.04
15.Dean Manges139$0.03