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Better Late Than Never!

For all the Smart Asses out there - YES I was standing up. He's just that big!

They say, “with age, often times, comes memory loss”!


Now I don’t know who “they” are, but I do know they’re right. I totally forgot about summarizing our MGA event held last month at Tarpon Springs GC. “They” also say, “better late than never”, which makes this my feeble attempt to correct the oversight.


Congratulations to our MGA Champion, Wayne M. Persang. Overcoming 2 penalty strokes, Wayne shot an impressive 86. Coming in a close 2nd place was his dad, Wayne R. Persang, who posted an 89.


Right behind those two guys was Mike Robin, shooting a respectable 90. Then our ties started! Locked in a three-way tie for 4th, newcomer Barry Robinson, DJFait, and Joe Carideo, all put up a 91. Close behind was Stan Kohut (93), Steve Persang (94) and Jack Cashon (96).


Another three-way tie came in at 98. Fay Perttunen, Larry Campoli, and another newcomer, Andy Barno shared 10th place. Right after them, to fill our top 16 spots, came Barry Rose (99), Larry Hurst (102), John Poff (103), and Junior Hill (104).


Completing the field that day was Rip Potter (107), Bill Lay (108), Joe Bongo (108), Tim Riley (112), Mike Garner (116), and our Red Key Winner, Doug Jacobs (125).


Barry Rose, was our Most Mediocre golfer of the day, and a three-way tie for the biggest Meltdown went to Junior Hill, Mike Garner, and Bill Lay.


Longest Drive went to Barry Robinson, and Closest to the Pin went to Bill Lay. And finally, Champion Wayne M. received the Gross Award for shooting an 84.


As you can see from the photos, a great day was had by all and a big thank you goes out to Tarpon Springs GC for allowing us to descend on them for our MGA 2019!


Event Results

1.Wayne Persang Jr.86$1.35
2.Wayne R. Persang89$0.90
3.Mike Robin90$0.75
4.Barry Robinson91$0.60
4.DJ Fajt91$0.60
4.Joe Carideo91$0.60
7.Stanley Kohut93$0.45
8.Steve Persang94$0.38
9.Jack Cashon96$0.30
10.Fay Perttunen98$0.15
10.Larry Campoli98$0.15
10.Andrew Barno98$0.15
13.Barry Rose99$0.07
14.Lawrence Hurst102$0.05
15.John Poff103$0.04
16.olien hill105$0.02
17.richard potter107$0.00
18.William Lay108$0.00
18.joe bongo108$0.00
20.Tim Riley112$0.00
21.Mike Garner116$0.00
22.Doug Jacobs125$0.00