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Battle Of the Bay 2023

What a wonderful weekend to end our season: The Battle of the Bay between Kent Island and Baltimore MGA chapters definitely lived up to the anticipation.

The weather was chilly but when the sun peeked through it made for a very pleasant fall golf weekend. Knowing the medios from around the world were getting together in Vegas for the MGAWC23, the FOMO was rampant. However, scheduling our tournament to fill the void and make the emotional sting of missing out on worlds kinda tolerable.

The weekend started early Saturday with 9 holes of 2-man team scramble play followed by 9 holes of 4-ball with each team playing for 2 points. Teams of Noah/Bill, Mark/Will, Eric/Dennis, and Jimmy/Chuck set out looking to jump to an early lead and set the tone for the weekend.

Unfortunately for team Baltimore they found themselves in the hole 3-1 after the 2-man scramble and down 5-3 after they split the 4-ball portion of the match. The team would check into the Chester House cottage for a night of camaraderie and nonsense. Noah was quick to hang the Baltimore banner on the porch and decorate before any of the KI boys arrived.

MGA Rookie Mike Dye and official Event Caterer would show up with a full spread of delicious food as he smoked a brisket and pork shoulder all day so the golfers would have more time to enjoy each other’s company. Mike, the team cannot say it enough: thank you thank you thank you as your generosity goes above and beyond. Thank you for being one of the guys who “get it” and look forward to seeing you as a long-time member of our group of medios here in Baltimore.

Day 2 teams found Noah/Jimmy, Bill/Dennis, Will/Chuck, and Eric/Mark paired together as they looked to flip the script from the day before. The format would be 9 holes of alternate shot and then 9 holes of singles play. Unfortunately for team in red it would be more of the same as KI would take 3 of the 4 alternate shot matches before the teams would split the singles matches 4-4.

Bill Wyatt and Noah Kiehle would end the weekend with winning records as they both went 3-1 in their 4 matches. Mark Hill and Will Hook would be even at 2-2. Chuck Wentz and Eric Bomgardner would add a point each as they finished 1-3. Dennis Bryant and Jimmy Wyatt would go winless but kept it close in their matches. The problem for the boys in red was the fact that 6 out of the 8 Kent Island guys would finish with 3-1 records to win the cup for the East side.

Despite the loss, team Baltimore was in high spirits and had nothing but good things to say about the weekend. We are definitely looking forward to this team event next year and hopefully extending the field to include more golfers on each team. For those who missed out, trust me when I said you were missed, and you definitely missed out on some good laughs and stories I am sure you will hear about next time we meet up.

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