Chapter News

The Bastards - A tradition unlike any other!

A beautiful round on a beautiful course but only 1 could be victorious in our first major of the year! Charlie Kline bested 37 other golfers with his gross 86 (net 88) to take home the coveted hat and massive check. Closest to the pin went to Kyle Lees and Zac Hawkins took home the long drive honors. Skins were won on 6 separate holes, helping to cover various bar tabs. Gabe Robison won the gross award with a score of 82.

Event Results

1.Charlie Kline88$1.26
2.Michael Blazo92$0.84
3.Gabriel Robison93$0.70
4.Chris Hawkins94$0.60
4.Dave Shank94$0.60
6.Zac Hawkins95$0.49
7.Michael Weeks96$0.35
7.Kyle Lees96$0.35
7.Kevin Zvorsky96$0.35
10.Jim Sheridan97$0.18
10.Christopher Conley97$0.18
13.Chris Drumheller99$0.05
13.Tim Moyer99$0.05
13.Matt Lees99$0.05
16.Kenny Cobb100$0.02
16.Dan McTague100$0.02
16.Eric Repko100$0.02
19.Richie McAuliffe 102$0.00
19.Jake Tischler102$0.00
21.Joshua Beach103$0.00
21.Nicholas Murphy103$0.00
23.Larry Mihalko104$0.00
24.Frankie Basile105$0.00
25.Matthew Morrison106$0.00
26.Jason Hoffman107$0.00
26.Shaun Sawyer107$0.00
28.Danny Adams 108$0.00
29.Tom Lees110$0.00
30.Shane Steffy 111$0.00
31.Geoff Ryan112$0.00
31.Matthew Craig 112$0.00
33.Scott Purdy113$0.00
34.Sean McTague118$0.00
35.Corbin Riegner121$0.00
36.Matt O'Boyle131$0.00
37.Ed Knight133$0.00