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The Bastards a tale of Fore Fathers

In a tradition that was adopted from the far off land of Tallahassee, six past Bastards met for the "Breakfast of Winners" ™ (tallahassee mga) in an undisclosed portion of a parking lot that may or may not have been adjacent to the course.  2020 Bastards winner, Bruce Campbell provided a multicultural feast celebrating his 1/2 Canadian 1/2 American lineage.   Dunkin donuts pairs suprisingly well with Molson Canadian at 7am.   To top off the culinary journey Bruce introduced us to the diabetic coma inducing butter tarts.  

Pebble Creek continues to challenge the field.   The lack of recent rain lead to some of the fastest conditions we've encountered at this course in recent years.  The copious amount of water hazards on this course continue to plague many of the field though.   Sand traps were apparently a theme as well with more sandy shots captured than in any previous event.  

Pictured above are all those who finished outside the "money" after 16th place.  This image captures all ends of the spectrum of emotions that an event can produce!

The most Mediocre (and probably most excited about his inverted W than anyone in history) was Ken Castillo.   For those that don't know, Ken has brought in a ton of new players this year and for that sir, we salute you & your truly mediocre play.

In what looks to be the start of a new trend, there was a tie for biggest meltdown.  Winners of the much needed stress balls to help counterbalance this reaction are co-winners freshmen Pete Demerski & Colton Hutchinson!   *editors note, it seems to have worked for Pete, see The MGA results for details*

Long drive was captured by Taylor Buzzard and Closest to the pin was Mike Smitherman.   I didn't hear any fantastic details about these shots so imagine a super long drive right down the fairway and a tight pin shot dangling over the edge of the cup. They were both that dramatic or so I will assume.

The suprise of the day was Doug D'Anna playing hurt and still capturing the W.   Here is a little Q & A with this year's Bastards winner.

Q: What were your thoughts coming into this event?

A:  I've been suffering from strained rib muscles for a couple weeks and was just trying to hit the ball without too much pain. I shouldn't have really been there, but I wasn't happy thinking I was going to have to miss it.  I've wanted to try and play every tournament this year because this group is so much fun.

Q: At what point in the round did you start thinking you had a chance to win?

A: I didn't (and that was probably an important factor).  A playing partner in the other cart was keeping the Scrolf score.  He told me I was leading after a few holes.  I told him I didn't want to know, so I didn't get any more updates. 

Q: What do you think was the key to your success in capturing your first major?

A: 3 things:  1) My injury forced me to take one extra club in a lot of situations and swing easy.  That really worked out in most cases.  2) I chipped the ball really well.  3) The short length of the course allowed me to hit 2-hybrid off of most tees and use the driver only 3 or 4 times...even on par 5's because I wasn't going to try and go for them anyway.  I am much more accurate with the hybrid.

Q: What is your strategy going to be for hitting from the tips at Cove Cay for the MGA Championship?

A: It looks like Cove Cay is under 6100 yards from the Blues, so not all that much longer.  Looks like a couple long par 4 and a long par 3 will be tough.

Editors note: Doug was unable to attend the MGA Championship due to the rib injury so he'll have to face off with the tips at Heritage Harbor, a brand new course on our tour this year.  #plottwist