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The Bastards 2024

The potential for rain worried a few but The Bastards turned out to be another great day! The Thunder definitely rolled on the back nine. 19 Mediocre Golfers showed up including 1 from up north. The top 3 were separated by just 2 strokes. With 4 more breaking 100.

     I, Michael Denham your chapter leader, would like to thank all of you that have joined the Tuscarawas County MGA. After being away from the MGA for 6 years, I have finally Won the only tournament I hadn't previously won with a 89 (Gross Best 87) . It was a bastard trying to get that 1st Bastard win. Hopefully you all can win at least 1 tournament. Ken "Grif Schlabach" shaking the Rebel Beach Meltdown plays steady all day. Shooting  45-45-90 to come in runner up. Will "Supervisor" Mitchell, playing from the Blues, almost pulled it off shooting a 90(91). If he doesn't start off super slow, 3 straight double bogeys, he probably runs away with the victory. Nate "Chad's Son" Kanouff steps up his game to come in 4th with a 94. He will be looking to break into the top 3 next month at THE MGA. Jimmy "SuperFly" Yoder rounds out the top 5. His 89(95) was aided by a meagle (birdie). Moving him into a tie for the season lead with 2 meagles. Will and Kyle White also have 2 each. Derek "Diesel" Storm improving by 25 strokes from the Rebel Beach Am Am was the Most Mediocre on the day. For the second tournament in a row the Long Drive and CTP was won by the same person. This time it was Brennon "D-E D" Mills. He did get his 1st meagle but it wasn't from his CTP. Allen "Adude" Riechers shoots a personal best 49 on the back nine but still ends up with the Key to the Red Tee. Using the Red Key could get him up into the money next month. I would also like to thank my brand new ball washer. And no I’m not talking about Ryan “Hoss” Hostetler. It’s always better to have clean balls.
You all are encouraged to snap some photos of our tournaments and I can add some to my articles. Or any tiny little story about the day. 

Event Results

1.Michael Denham89$1.26
2.Kenneth Schlabach90$0.84
3.Will Mitchell91$0.70
4.Nathan Kanouff94$0.63
5.James Yoder95$0.56
6.Brennon Mills97$0.49
7.Derek Storm99$0.42
8.Merlin Coblentz101$0.28
8.Kyle White101$0.28
8.Chad Kanouff 101$0.28
11.Caleb Sturrup102$0.11
11.Kyle Smallcombe 102$0.11
13.Jason Herbert105$0.06
14.Brad Dyer108$0.05
15.Brodey Parsons109$0.04
16.Ryan Hostetler119$0.02
17.Rob Miller120$0.00
18.Allen Riechers121$0.00
19.Titus millerDNF$0.00

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