Chapter News

The Bastards

Benzo is the Champ!  He put himself in the running two months in a row!  Last month tied for first but just being edged out in a putt off.  It was a close one too, as Center Cut Lomeli was one less boggy away from winning his first event.  But Big Ben showed us why It's not how you Start but how you Finish!  

The event started with a promise for the cocky Rookie Winner Gene Brown as he stated he "would win on his home course".  Even though he would be playing from the blues.  He started off with the opening hole shooting a 9.  He soon came back and showed his home course skill by shooting a 44 on the front nine, even with a 9 on the opening hole.  But it's not how you start it's how you finish and this week Big Ben "Benzo" Rebiskie proved that. (while Gene "the Hack Man" Brown showed us why his nick name fits and earned his first meltdown with a 52 on the back nine)  

Benzo was so excited that while he was ready to take off to the first hole his clubs were not!  But... It's not how you start it's how you finish! Shooting a 43 on the back nine to edge out the Low Gross winner Gerry Lomeli by 1 (Gerry is so good he has to be penalized 2 strokes)


Big Ben is our new Bastards Champion!  Congratulations Ben!




Ben "Benzo" Rebiskie


Low Gross Winner

Gerry "Center Cut" Lomeli 


Long Drive 

Ryan "Baird" Baird


Closest to the Pin

Cord "MoeJoe" Nunez 

16ft 6" (is that close? Close enough)



Gene "The Hack Man" Brown


Most Mediocre

Alex "we're still working on it" Duddy