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Baltimore Wins First Ever Mid-Atlantic Championship

After over a year of planning, the first annual Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapters Cup was played at the gorgeous Bulle Rock Golf Course. 74 Medios from D.C., Kent Island, Limerick, and Baltimore gathered to try their best to conquer the terrain good enough for professional golf. The weather was perfect, the rough was thick and with over two and a half hours’ worth of tee times, it was set for a long day of competition.

Where pace of play was important and at times hard to maintain, it was the team from Baltimore who rose up victorious. With 9 of the 13 scores posted in the 80’s coming from team Baltimore, it was all but a sure thing when the results were tallied. Consistent top names like Sammy Smutz, George Cunningham, Mark Hill, and Noah Kiehle placing in the money, it was the surprising performance from one-time Red Key hoarder Will Hook that shocked the Region. Will’s 93/ net 66 was good enough to take the #1 Net Score Award for the day and there is no one this reporter was happier to see win it all than him. With the start of the season he had, this is proof that good things happen to those who are patient and “get it”.

The top 4 teams of each represented the Chapter’s score and Baltimore cruised to a massive 48 stoke victory. Maybe it was the coaching from Smutz or the Jordans on his feet, but Will Hook’s performance vaulted the duo into the top of the leaderboard with their combined 142 score edging out the performance of Noah Kiehle and Ryan Reese by 1 stroke (143). Mark Hill and (rookie of the year candidate) Scott Striegel would find their team in 3rd (144) and team “slug index” of George and Eric would round out the team score with their 146. While we are bragging about scores, this reporter wants to also throw a nod to the team of Stacy Malloy and Walt McNeil (148) as they were the only other team to finish sub-150; the Top 5 teams of the tournament ALL from Charm City.

Mark Hill took the prize for one of the four Closest To the Pin holes and Sammy Smutz went farther than anyone else on the Long Drive hole. Baltimore took almost all of the prize money and were 3 CTP awards away from a clean sweep. **Edit** After some confusion and honest people stepping up it was revealed that another medio from Baltimore also won money. Tucker Higgins would indeed win a CTP award bringing Baltimore’s total to 2 shy of a clean sweep.

When this Baltimore MGA reporter reached out for comments, I could not get close enough to the team as everyone was too busy celebrating the victory by drinking out of the Championship Cup.  I was able to ask a random guy in the corner his thoughts and he responded with “Absolutely Dominant” t as he looked on and tried to figure out what all the hoopla was about.

“I don’t know what the MGA is but these guys sure are a blast and they took care of us. The Crab shirts are so cool and way better than the highlighter shirts” Bulle Rock Cart Girl said after her shift was over. I would like to report that a record amount of money was spent on concessions at Bulle Rock that day. “I heard yesterday we set a record for sales and today we shattered that record, thank you guys for everything” The Front Desk guy shared with me after everyone left for home.

It was not all pedal to the metal, full swing, dominance for the Crabby shirt men as the day looked to start off NOT WELL for one Medio. Derek Patro found himself struggling to make it past the red tees on the first hole despite multiple attempts and finally picking up with double Par (8). Luckily for him he was in the second group and only managed to do that in front of 15-20 people watching him instead of the full 74-person gallery. But nonetheless this was a team event, and it does not matter how you start but as long as you have a strong team to carry your dead weight. The day finished with Patro and the rest of the Baltimore Medios drinking out of the Cup as Champions.

Of course, Team Baltimore being the last ones at the bar as the Bartenders finally kicked them out so they could go home. After this win the anticipation for Las Vegas and the MGAWC is higher than ever. This is what the MGA is all about: fun, camaraderie, exciting times, meeting new people, memories to share and people who “get it!” I am told the Cup will be on display as it starts its local tour around the Baltimore chapter at the FU Open at the Woodlands on June 13th.

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