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Baker Rises to Bratish Fame

 What does every Bratish tournament need? RAIN, and we had a steady amount of it here in Northwest Indiana. Despite everyones balls being wet, get your mind out the gutter you perverts, there were some pretty impressive scores turned in from our medios. Steve Baker is your 2021 Bratish champ!!! Baker turned in an impressive 83 and denied this years Bastards champ of a second major win. I'm sure Baker has a nice spot on the fireplace mantle for the covited Claret Juggs to be displayed for all time.

 There was also a few ties worth mentioning. A threeway tie for 3rd, a fiveway tie for 6th, a twoway tie for 11th, and a threeway tie for 15th. Nobody's making any money that way!!!

 L.D. winner of the day goes to Dan Nellett, I never got the official distance but I think I heard his partner say they they had to fill up twice before they got to it. 

Closest winner was Justin Baker. Whether by skill, luck, or the fact that the rest of us never hit the green he stuck it on for the win.

 Mr. Mediocre of the day went to Dan Reid. He finished 42/42 and with penalty strokes was one of our medios in the tie for 6th.

 The big Meltdown of the event was Collin Slagle, the rain got the better of him in the end.

Gross award recipient was not the tournament winner, which is often the case. This tiny little trophy went to Jerry Brann. Jerry turned in an unmediocre score of 79.

 On to the Red Key!!! This medio needs no introduction by now. He is improving leaps and bounds, but in almost every event has ended up here. Mr. Chester Nellett!!!!!