Chapter News

Another Bastard joins the OKC ranks...

In a field of 26 Oklahoma Medios there was one that stood out on the links of Lincoln Park (East Course) on a great Sunday afternoon.. James Lichliter has taken his 2nd Big Check home and the coveted Trucker hat... 

He is no stranger to the Big Check, yet the Bastards champion he had yet to become.  That is until he drank enough beers to forget his chapter leader had just had shoulder surgery, and decided hugs, and shoulder slaps were a good idea..and enough drink was consumed to allow this mere mortal to become more than Mediocre, and take the coveted trucker cap, and add his name to the Green Jacket.  Will the Chapter Leader be able to get the jacket imprinted with the correct spelling of his name, doubtful. will it just be an image of a toungue and a match/? likely.



Sean Parks was robbed of a repeat Bastard win by 1 stroke, penalty strokes are a bitch!

James has earned himself a few extra strokes for the upcoming MGA, and will be hard pressed to repeat his Big Check collection he is attempting.

Event Results

1.James Lichliter82$1.26
2.Sean Parks83$0.84
3.John Altenburg 88$0.70
4.Jerry Baez89$0.60
4.Dean Lyman89$0.60
6.Shane Mayall90$0.49
7.Aaron Welch91$0.39
7.Phil Everhart91$0.39
9.Kris Morgan92$0.28
10.Michael Haszto93$0.21
11.Lee Pearce94$0.11
11.Michael Yannarell94$0.11
13.Derek Oswald95$0.05
13.Darren Ford95$0.05
13.Steve Quick95$0.05
16.Mario Cervantes 97$0.02
17.West Long101$0.00
17.Corbin Yarbrough101$0.00
19.Eddie Nance103$0.00
20.Patrick Ivey104$0.00
20.Andy Berky104$0.00
22.Chambers Clark106$0.00
23.Jason McEntire107$0.00
24.Scott Nelson110$0.00
25.Timothy Perry117$0.00
26.Mark EulbergDQ$0.00