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And the new F.U. Winner is........

The 4th annual Knoxville F. U. Open was held at the Sevierville Golf Course on June 16th, and what a day it was! By tee time of 9:30am it was already a cool 90 degrees and felt like we were in the desert minus “dry heat”.

First hole turned out to be one of the toughest holes of the day even though it was one of the easier holes on the scorecard. Bowers led off the day by putting 2 balls into the driving range, 8th shot into the pond across the fairway and ending the hole with a lovely 12!  Meanwhile Larry saw the entire hole….(sounds dirty) but he did, landing on the green 8 feet away and draining the putt for a solid 10! Brittany and James joined in with shooting 10s on the first hole, jury is still out on whether they finished the hole or not! After that hole, I don’t know if Britt told out her lovely 10 on her driver, as I received a picture of her driver head that was snapped off!

Hole #3 had to be one of the funniest things Spencer, Adam and Danny have ever seen as Sean teed his ball up, he scoped it with his driver into the swirling wind and dropped it just short of the pond where the ball rolled in. Sean then dropped not 1, not 2 not 3 not 4 but five balls to finally make it over the pond that was no more than 30 yards across! Fred seemed to have some of the same problems as Sean as he finished the hole with a 10 as well on the hole!

Scott N. made sure that no one was taking his glory! As he shot a 39 on the front nine and then made sure to capture his second consecutive MELTDOWN AWARD with a 46 on the back, but he did come in second place overall! Brandon decided to turn it on, on the back nine as he shot a 40 overall and more importantly won the closest to the pin and the jackpot money as he meagled the hole! Pruitt aka GregNormanMichelleWiePruitt went to a different putting style, where it had him basically doing a split, bend over (like he dropped the soap) making himself about 3 feet tall to putt……he said as soon as he did this he was playing better……whatever flips your skirt buddy!

It was a great outing as usual, make sure you sign up for the Bratish Open taking place at Millstone Golf Course on July 21st!


Want to thank Lacey Renee Photography for taking the time out and taking all these great photos, and some that we don’t want to remember!

Event Results

1.Mark Kotrys86$1.35
2.Scott Norman88$0.83
2.Spencer Orick88$0.83
4.Brock Graham92$0.64
4.John Henley92$0.64
6.Bobby Shubert93$0.53
7.Brandon Wise94$0.45
8.Sean Fay95$0.34
8.Andrew Millett95$0.34
10.Jason Pruitt96$0.19
10.Eric New96$0.19
12.Garry Weaver 99$0.08
13.Rick Thompson100$0.07
14.Jason Bowers101$0.05
15.Fred Tipton104$0.03
15.Daniel Tabor104$0.03
15.James Lawhead104$0.03
18.Larry Echols106$0.00
18.Mike Spooner106$0.00
20.Patrick Stambaugh107$0.00
21.Dave Keener110$0.00
22.Adam Martinez 111$0.00
23.Brittany Chamberlain 132$0.00