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Amarillo Rebel Beach Am-Am 2019

March 30 2019: The Amarillo Rebel Beach Am-Am aka The Eskimo Open...

Let’s begin by stating that Saturday was an epic challenge in the realm of endurance golf. We got the season started off with a bang although I’m pretty sure no one could hear it over the howling of the wind and the chattering of teeth... But I guess that’s to be expected when you tee off at 33 degrees with a 26mph straight North wind gusting over 40mph. It was also a great showcase of the Amarillo MGA’s philanthropy as countless golf balls were selflessly donated to the challenging rough of the Arrowhead course. Pat yourself on the back gentlemen, knowing that many other mediocre golfers will find and make use of your charitable donations. All in all everyone survived and seemed to be having a pretty damn good time despite the conditions so you could say that we were all winners that day. However, in a much more accurate sense, these were the winners:

Team Winners- The defending champs from ‘18 were dethroned this year with the unstoppable duo of Charles Mitchell and newcomer Lukes Jackson coming out strong and earning this year’s championship. (Applause)

Individual Winner- Not even his MGA penalty strokes could stop this man from taking home the big check (actually I still have it lol). This honor goes to Brandon Shaw.  (Applause)

Really looking forward to seeing everyone at The Bastards where hopefully the conditions will be a little nicer. Hit the range and visit your sports psychologist every day until then. Onward. 



Event Results

1.Brandon Shaw94$0.70
2.Charles Mitchell101$0.47
3.Lukes Jackson102$0.39
4.Carl Spackler103$0.35
5.Ricky Shreffler108$0.31
6.Jake Loudder113$0.27
7.Dustin Langwell114$0.23
8.Wesley Rivera122$0.19
9.Nathan James129$0.16
10.Cody Greenlee134$0.12