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All Further MGAWC Updates Will Be On and Twitter

THE INTERNET, CA - is super easy to update, so you should go there first when looking for any updates this week. I will also be putting information out on our twitter which is @mediocregolf. Those of you who actually use twitter will probably notice this is the only time of year where I directly type anything original into Twitter.

If you follow those two mediums you're going to have a really hard time being out of the loop this week. I'm not saying you can't pull it off, but it'll be a challenge! You can even choose to "follow" the site and you'll get emails when I post something. Not only that, if you save that site to the home screen on your phone you'll get a beautiful tile with the MGAWC logo on it! is going dark. See you on the other side!

El Presidente

p.s. I'll be posting a lot to the story on the MGA's Instagram account as well, but all vital info will be on the sites listed above.