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All of us in the NOCO Chapter remember that day back in 2019.  It was June 22 at the F.U. Open, Saddleback Golf Club, that Albucrakie (I mean Albuquerque) took a NOCO trophy home with them.  It was a true F.U. to NOCO.  Fast forward to June 12, 2021.  The 2021 F.U. Open at Eagle Trace was under attack.  Albuquerque sent their assassin, Malachi O'Neil (pictured above), again to try to cause destruction and despair......  But NOCO rose to the occassion, with a several medios putting out top performances including the rookie winner- Francisco "Not in my backyard" Lapostol.  Little did he know at the time, "Cisco" drained a "really long" putt on the final green to avoid a playoff!

There were other controveries that did end up marring the event.  Ariel "Mount" Figuracion led the tournament off with 2 whiffs and a duff on his way to a red key.  With no eruption, an investigation is under way to determine if sandbagging took place, as the next tournament's victor will hoist the Claret Jugs.

Also controversial, Chapter Leader Christian Kirk was accused of cheating.  It appears that he intentionally removed Jerry Brandt from the tournament in the middle of play so that Jerry couldn't place and maintain his standing atop of the Chapter Money List.  This was quickly called out during the awards ceremony by several members of the NOCO Chapter.  Punishment is expected to be handed down from El Presidente soon.

Suspiciously, Jerry Brandt won the Meltdown Award, while Chapter Leader Christian Kirk won both LD and CLP awards... And there is a bridge for sale in NYC...

Event Results

1.Francisco Lapostol87$1.01
2.Christian Kirk88$0.68
3.Eric Thomas90$0.56
4.Blake Wallin91$0.51
5.Jerry Brandt93$0.45
6.John Morley96$0.37
6.Malachi O'Neil96$0.37
8.Brian Church97$0.25
8.Todd Bloch97$0.25
10.Jon Brandt98$0.14
10.Sean Davis98$0.14
12.Ariel Figuracion106$0.06

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Eff ABQ!! In a nice sweet, soft, sensual way though. They are kinda cool! Except one member, he knows who he is (cough..esquibelt) He doesn’t deserve the romance.

I don't know if you would call me an assassin but it was great playing with you guys. Till next time.