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Aiken MGA 2023 season, it’s about go time!

The second season of the Aiken MGA is soon upon us!  The 2023 schedule will kickoff in March.  Dates and locations below are subject to change but we will run a tournament each month from March through October.  Get in where you fit and signup now!

March 11 - Rebel Beach AM AM  (Houndslake)

April 22 - The Bastards  (Aiken Golf)

May 20 - MGA Championship -(Cedar Creek)

June 17 - FU Open   (The Spur)

July 15 - Bratish Open (River Club)

August 12- FORE! Championship (Pine ridge)

September 23 - Douche Bag Invitational  (Golden Hills)

Oct 21 - Last Gasp ( Forest Hills)


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