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On a day where only 2 PMGAers could take the money list trophy, one stood tall. He was steady all year long. The 13.0 handicap player played in 7 of the 8 events and finished in the top 7 of every event. He had 2 2nds, one 3rd, 2 5ths, a 7th and now a big check and trophy. Ahad took the money list trophy and the big check of The Last Gasp to finish off a great year and walk into the proverbial sunset. Ahad scores were 89, 90, 93, 89, 85, 91 and now an 83. So now, a big standing ovation for The Champ, AHAD 'Money' Dil. 


You still there?

Get ready for next year's chapter events by drinking heavily during the holidays to build up an endurance and be medicore at golf. 

Till next tourney in March, I will send random love letters reminding you of the up coming season and hope for mediocrity. 

Josh? How's my grammar?

If you're still here, close your computer, the year is over. 

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