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Achievement Unlocked Medio-Slam

The Medio-Slam is one of the rarest achievements in the MGA second only to the ever elusive "Malbatross".   In just his fourth full season, Bill Cusick becomes the first player in Tampa MGA history to pull it off by being crowned the 2020 Douchebag Champion.   I count myself fortunate to call Bill a friend and have been with him since his first MGA event in 2015 when he played just one event, and beat me by three strokes to take his very first W.  Since then he has gone on to play on the World team in the World VS San Fran at MGAWC.  He has also channelled his inner pirate and plundered numerous trophies from our daughter chapters.   Congratulations on this epic achievement Bill, we wish you the best of luck on the Korn-Ferry tour next season.

The 2020 Douchebag Invitational lived up to the name from the start!   During my pre-event visit the Monday before the event I dropped in to check and make sure we were all set for the 12th.   The course manager had "lost" our reservation and our agreed upon pricing.   I renegotiated the price & got us back on track for the event but was asked to move our tee times back to 0830 in order to pull off a reverse shotgun start event with as many players as we had.   No problem, you guys are awesome and went with the time change like champions.   Per usual routine, I confirmed our numbers, hole assignments & groupings Thursday and it was looking like smooth sailing, until Friday afternoon.   The course manager calls me and says I have you all booked and set for the 19th.  ***It was at this moment I think I pooped, just a little***  "No ma'am, we're set for tomorrow, the 12th at 0830".   Ok, no problem.   

But there was a problem...   Allen, the incredibly helpful starter informed me upon arrival Saturday that the manager did not block off the right tee times and had us going out at 920.    That folks is why you sat around for 50 minutes listening to me stall and run around like a spaz before getting you all started.   Fortunately the bartender came in early and served up beverages like a champ. 

In an unprecedented move, I had to hold an awards ceremony before the event to correct a scoring error that changed the winner of the Fore Championship.  I have learned my lesson and will be changing up those last names for all you members with the same last names and in the case of the Campbell family, BR - uce, -ad, ian,  the same starting two letters too.   Nicknames henceforth!  keep those paper scorecards too folks as they are crucial as a second means of verification.  Congratulations on W #2 Bruce!!!

One of the course workers told us early on, the wind looked like it would pick up around our 7th hole and like clockwork, it and some sideways rain let loose on us for a few minutes.   As always though, if the course is open and there's no lightning, we play on.   Tropical Storm Sally messed with us on and off throughout the day and kept those soggy conditions going the whole round.   Just as we were finishing the final hole of the day, Sally let loose with all her might and was bending #9 flagstick almost 90* and drenching everyone and everything.  In a small personal victory that will keep me golfing at least one more round, my final hole in the torrential rain went like this: Drive to Right rough 138 out. 2nd shot, flailed pin high but way right onto a side hill lie in deep rough.  3rd shot, over the cart path and a caravan of carts rushing in as they finished to 3yards off the green.    4th shot, chipped to  6'.   5th shot in the pouring rain I actually drained my first putt longer than a foot all day.    I'll take a Mar finish in those conditions anyday.  


Your other winners for the day were as follows:   Taking his second DQ for the season with 76, Bret Fuller!   Congratulations on the tiny gross trophy Bret.  Showing muscles & precision were Dan Verchot with another Long Drive win and Rich Holden who has returned to the MGA after taking a sabattical to have a kid, took the closest to the pin honors.  Biggest meltdown goes to Carole Baskin.   I live with her and have yet to hear how that happened, she has sardine oil so I'm afraid to ask.    The winner of the golden M for Most Mediocre, Frank Ursano.

If I were petty, I would ask you all to write reviews of the managment's scheduling incompetance & them having one of our groups skip a hole  to make up for that snafu.


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Great job as usual Chris for pulling this off your a great chapter leader

Thanks Chris and the whole gang for coming out to play in the mud and the "Forest Gump Rain". Also special thanks to Ft. Myers, Springhill, and Pinellas chapters. Tallahassee is on the horizon. Tally-Ho

Thanks Chris! Already stuck the Kinda Close sticker to the tool box

Put the sticker on your golf travel bag. It make people wonder and you'll get recognized by other mediocre Golfers.