Chapter News

60% of the time, he wins every time...

The field contained few, so there is little the chapter leader can do, but to make a short rhyme, for this sad, tiny review. The field was small, and although Adam "Bomb: bates  is not very tall, when he swings at the ball, he's better than all.  Our 4 time champion and money leader heading into fall, the tips of Woodside await for this man, who is looking to take it all.

JT and Adam swapped exact scores on each nine which is a truly an amazing feet (43-50 and 50-43).  Due to the penalty strokes, Mr. Bates squeaked this one out.   JT did smash the longest drive award and set himself up for a chip for eagle after his second shot, but mediocre golf be like that and this miss helped him to also earn the meltdown award.  Defending champion Nicky "Stacks", phone alarm was trampled by turtles apparently, and he missed the event unable to defend his title as past winner.

The other "awards" are meaningless...Play better if you want a write up.   But Teddy "bracket-bracket", did earn himself the Red Key, so that's something.   







In true Dbag fashion, Adam 'bomb" bates held the check upside down.  But that upside down visor and big check looked good on this "never" shy of a camera repeat champion(4x).