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2023 Regular Season Kinda Recap

Above is the only group shot I got all year containing most of our chapter, taken at the F.U. Open.  Maybe I'll do better next year with pictures...or maybe not.

And since there weren't many pictures in general that were worthy of publishing, what follows are all the boring tournament winner photos (except the one of me is very interesting of course).  Congratulations to all these winners and the winners of all the other awards...blah, blah, blah.


I'll leave you with the only semi-interesting photo I have.  This was taken on the first hole of Heritage Pines, almost right in front of the green, the morning after Gary Rivoli beat me in a late-afternoon playoff on this hole for the DBI win.  I think this speaks for itself as to what the gods think of the results of the playoff.

On to Vegas baby!

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I'm back and ready to play some Mediocre Golf.