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2023 Bastards, Madison Edition

Four score and like 8 days ago the Medios of Madison invaded House On The Rock in a battle for a sweet blue hat, I won.  The end.

Ok, I suppose I can add some details for context.  My day started out with hopes of just finishing the round in the top ten.  I did a scouting run a few days prior, I determined that I was going to have to survive wave after wave of kamakazi mosquitoes a rough so thick it was obvious there were going to be casualties.  Starting off the round I played it safe and kept the driver in the bag in favor of more precise shots.  This would prove futile as I wasn't able to take advantage of any birdie putts that presented themselves.  

I somehow managed to hit only hit one ball in the woods.  After taking a shot of liquid courage, charged into the mosquito infested jungle and was able to chip it back out to save bogey.  My only lost ball came on 10 after a shot just off the fairway went MIA in the rough.  I knew I wasn't alone in my struggles as you could hear the screams of other golfers on all flanks from what I could only assume were wayward shots and the casualties of lost balls.    I heard one guy even took one to the dick, I hope his mom gets a flag.  

In the end I was adding the scores and my Dad asked who was in the lead.  To my surprise it was me!  It was a great feeling to play in those conditions and have everybody make it back in one piece but it was an even better feeling to write my own name on a GIANT check!  


-2 time Bastards champ

-Chapter Leader

-Current $ list leader


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