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2021 YKMGA Rebel Beach AmAm

The Rebel Beach Am Am Kicked off the 2021 YKMGA season!!

The 2021 YKMGA season kicked off on Sunday with the Rebel Beach Am Am.  With 46 Medios registered for the event the excitement was almost palpable on the driving range.  The return of shotgun start, two rider carts and the awards ceremony had those who endured the 2020 year of COVID as excited as kids on the last day of school. 

When the horn sounded to signal the start the mediocrity Chapter leader Shaun “Moose” Morris started in true Medio fashion with his first shot sailing to the right, over the trees and past the Out of Bounds stakes leading to a quadruple bogey eight on the first hole.  This was a foreshadowing of what was to follow for the rest of the day as Moose managed to put a trifecta on his scorecard with an 8, 9 & 10.  It seems like most Medio’s were in the same boat with the great scores being less common than the high ones.   Even though the scores were high there was still some good shots replayed in the clubhouse including YKMGA newcomer Sou Chanthalangsy and her birdie on the 11th hole.   


Once all the scorecards were handed in the results were tabulated it was a somewhat subdued prize ceremony as only four of the sixteen tournament money winners and half of the Am Am champs had stayed for the ceremony. 

Darrel Koch and Chris Flannagan overcame their penalty strokes to take the Am Am title for 2021, this is Chris’s second two headed trophy as he also took one home in 2019 with Dennis Bourke as his partner.   Rumour is that Hughie Graham may ditch Moose next year and partner with Flannagan for a better shot at winning an AmAm.   For the first time in YKMGA history we had five lady’s teams competing in the AmAm and Meredith Wilson and Leslie Goit pulled off the victory to take the top Ladies Team spot. 

For the individual awards, Shanon Watson had the Men’s Long Drive, Mellissa Mercredi topped the ladies drive and Craig Sheppard had the Closest to the pin.  The usual favourite to win the “Key to the Red Key” Dean Harvey tried his best to hold onto the title melting down by ten strokes to take the Meltdown Award, but ultimately YKMGA rookie Stephen Machum earned the honour of playing from the Red Tees next tournament!

Rick Savard may have found the fountain of youth and reclaimed the glory of the early days of the YKMGA with his first Big Cheque since 2019!  All kidding aside Rick is the most decorated winner in YKMGA history with seven tournament wins (see Below) and he also finished second in the World Money list in 2016. 

Rebel Beach Am Am past Team Winners

2016      Scott Reid/Glen Tingmiak

2017       Andy Williams/Ryan Sheppard

2018       Andy Williams/Ryan Sheppard

2019       Dennis Bourke/Chris Flannagan

2020       Daryl Snow/Kevin Hewitt


Rebel Beach Am Am past Big Cheque Winners

2016       Glen Tingmiak

2017       Randy Langer

2018       Rick Savard

2019       Craig Sheppard

2020      Randy Langer


Rick Savard’s winning history

2016       The Bastards, FORE! Championship, FU Open

2017       Douchebag Invitational

2018       Rebel Beach Am Am

2019       Last Gasp

2021       Rebel Beach Am Am

Event Results

1.Rick Savard93$1.12
2.Norm Sanderson93$0.74
3.Bob Ross94$0.62
4.Ryan Sheppard95$0.56
5.Chris Flannagan96$0.43
5.Cory Holzer96$0.43
5.Craig Sheppard96$0.43
8.Ranilo Ramirez98$0.31
9.Daryl Snow 99$0.16
9.Darin Black99$0.16
9.Meredith Wilson99$0.16
9.Hughie Graham99$0.16
13.Kevin Hewitt100$0.05
13.Darrell Koch100$0.05
15.Randy Langer102$0.02
15.Shannon Watson102$0.02
17.Doug Hartford106$0.00
18.Mike Enns107$0.00
18.Winter Bailey107$0.00
20.Shaun "Moose" Morris 108$0.00
20.Dave Hurley108$0.00
22.Matthew Bannister109$0.00
23.Ryan Dempster111$0.00
23.Allan Twissell111$0.00
23.Thip Chanthalangsy111$0.00
23.Mellisa Mercredi111$0.00
27.Leslie Goit113$0.00
27.Linda Khounkhong113$0.00
27.Jenni Bruce113$0.00
27.Conrad Esteban113$0.00
31.Mark Hicks114$0.00
32.Mike Verheul116$0.00
33.Gaeleen MacPherson119$0.00
34.Dean Harvey120$0.00
35.Sousanh Chanthalangsy122$0.00
36.Chris Vaillant124$0.00
37.Alex Bornilla127$0.00
38.Stephen Machum128$0.00
39.Karlee McKay131$0.00
40.Shaun Smith141$0.00
41.Deana Twissell144$0.00