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2021 D.C. Bastards Champ Is Crowned!

The reporting is late, but the results are unchanged:  Dick Sedwick has won the 2021 Bastards!! This was a ROFL-stomp from the get-go, as Dick would wind up absolutely decimating the field en route to a nine (!!) stroke victory over second-place finisher Steve Gilbertson.

The DC chapter converged on Brambleton Golf Course, near Dulles airport. And like the plane nearby, scores f’ing TOOK OFF. (Excuse disclaimer coming) The course was in good shape, with the fairways, rough and tee boxes in good shape. We even had the benefit of rain-soaked bunkers being nearly unplayable, giving the competition free drops as we were instructed to treat them as Ground Under Repair. Greens, on the other hand, were not great. They had been aerated 4 weeks ago, but they continued to look like the acne-pocked face of an awkward 13-year-old kid hitting puberty. Hard. No putts were straight, reading breaks was useless, and ultimately, the grenade-range greens kicked the shit out of everyone.

But not Dick. That mo-fo was getting up and down from all over the place, hitting high flop shots over bunkers to short-sided pins positions, and just bombing the ball all day. In fact, the 88 marks his personal-best MGA round. Steve presented the only real challenge to Dick, but even that faded quickly. After going +3 thru 6, Steve remembered that he’s in the MGA, and promptly went quad-double-double.

In the awards section, Dick took home the Bastards Trucker hat (based on handicap adjusted scoring) to beat Matt Bronson by three. (Sidebar—Bronson texted me after the first hole:  “Bombed a drive in the fairway, hit the green in regulation, three-putt. It’s good to be back.”) The champ also captured the Low Gross Award. A clean fuckin’ sweep.

Gil Nelson took down Closest to the Pin and the $65 pot with a shot to 7’ 3” on the 12th hole. Bronson nabbed the Meltdown with a nifty +10 (Good to be back, indeed). Santiago Reyes picked up the mediocre away when he asked if 15 feet was closer than 7 feet when converted to metric. And Justin Dorsk has developed the ability to tee it up closer at his next event with that shiny new Red Key.

Great event fellas. We all sucked shit (except the Champ), but at least we got frustrated and annoyed doing it. Time to get back to the range, hit that short game area, and work those putting drills! The MGA Championship will be upon us shortly, and there’s precious little time to demonstrate the futility of practicing…

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