Chapter News

2020 What a Dumpster Fire That Was...

The year of Covid, Political turmoil, Riots, Protesting, and more Covid... But somehow we put together a solid season!

I first want to thank everyone for participating in our 2020 season. We had a heck of a start with Covid hitting us hard with reschedule after reschedule. Which caused us to have some back to back tournaments that has never happened before. This year will hopefully smooth out and we will be back to our normal scheduled program with no changes. 

2020 also seemed to be the year of Colton who won 4 of the 8 tournaments held... lets knock him down a peg this year and get some fresh faces winning lol.

2020 Winners:

Rebel Beach AMAM: Zach overall winner. Colton and J-Wall team winners 

The Bastards: Colton

The MGA: Colton

The FU Open: Bryan

The Bratish Open: Zach

The Fore Championship: Brian S.

The Douchebag Invintational: Colton

The Last Gasp: Adam B. 


Be on the look out for a golf sim event soon, I have been really busy with work to get around scheduling it. I will be nominating Colton as Co - Chapter Leader if he accepts it, to assist with stuff like this when I get too busy. 

We are sitting at 9 memeber right now as this is being written. we had over 50 members last year, lets make it our goal to crush that this year!!