Chapter News

2020 so far in review. Tim's donut pants and more

It's been a rather tumultuous year around the world, and the MGA hasn't escaped unscathed. For the first time in ever, the World Championship has been cancelled. It's been a little trying in Fort Myers, too, as our season was unable to start until May 9th. Tournaments were shuffled, delayed, distanced, etc. Definitely not a normal year. And in order to make it through the schedule, we went through a torrid pace of playing a tournament every two weeks through the Bratish Open. I'd like to see a PGA Tour player hold up after 5 tournaments in 10 weeks. It's been rather trying putting together tournaments every other week, so we've condensed the reports to a year (so far) in review.

The MGA - May 16, 2020

Spanish Wells Country Club, Bonita Springs FL

We kicked off the season way out of order with the MGA Championship. What is usually the third event of the season was the first, mainly because the chapter leader was too fucking lazy to shuffle the dates and tournament names around. We brought our C games once again to Spanish Wells Country Club in Bonita Springs, FL, and once again they provided a great experience to a shitty crew of golfers.

The biggest news of the day is Tim Gunn unveiling his donut pants.

Also, John Kelso fired off a kinda OK 89 to take home his first win on tour.


Rebel Beach Am-Am - May 30 2020

Babcock National Golf Course, Babcock Ranch FL

Two weeks later we got the Rebel Beach Am-Am in before June. We played for the first time at the brand new Babcock National Golf Course. It is a beautiful course in a newly-constructed community. Eventually it will be far too nice for us to play there.

Jarid Laukaitis was on fire this day, coming in with an impressive 83 (which might be a record low gross total). But, only a giant check for him to take home, as this is a TEAM trophy. The team in question was comprised of Chris "Moose" Holland and Andrew Starnes. They are no strangers to the two-headed monster, so this came as a surprise to no one.

FU Open - June 13, 2020

Palmetto Pines Country Club, Cape Coral FL

We kinda perservered through some rain issues to get this one in. At the end there was a three-way tie among Bernard Floody, Tim Gunn, and Kevin Olivo, but due to weather the champion could not be settled that day. Instead we waited until the next tournament, where a putt-off would decide the victor (and who would play from the back tees).

Tour rookie Bernard Floody managed to beat off two men to take home his first ever trophy and check.

The Bastards - June 27, 2020

Westminster Golf Club, Lehigh Acres FL

It was a tough day at Westminster. The heat was oppressive, and the greens were still recovering from aerification. The day ended with Tim Gunn and newcomer Matt Plonys tied at the top. This time, Gunn prevailed in a one-hole playoff, to walk away with the second trucker cap of his career.

Bratish Open - July 11, 2020

Raptor Bay Golf Club, Estero FL

We played the Bratish at Raptor Bay, another new course in our rotation. It's a short course, but very challenging with a lot of wilderness and water in play on pretty much every hole. Gunn was surprised to see his 86 hold up, taking home his second consecutive win and bringing home the Clarett Jugs for the second time in his career. He'll be playing the tips at our next course, which should teach him a lesson about winning so much.