Chapter News

2020 AM-AM - Las Vegas style

OUR 2020 Las Vegas AM-Am champions are Daniel Biggs and Patrick Petrie !  The boys came out looking good so they had to match there looks with a good score card !  Great job guys !


Also winning the big check was first time winner Dustin " skinny " Burns ! Great finish ,, under the wire of me !  Congrats on the big check ,, post it well ! 


2020 Las Vegas season is a wrap ,, we finished despite Covid-19 ! It was a long year and a struggle to book all these events under the guide lines but we did it as a team ! 

I will see everybody in 2021 ,,I got some fund to catch up on ,, lets make more smiles and more friends and please don't hit up on anybody anymore . 


Peace out till next year

Event Results

1.Dustin Burns89$1.12
2.Eric Lamont90$0.68
2.Patrick Petrie90$0.68
4.Eric Hamilton 92$0.34
4.David Shapiro92$0.34
4.Daniel Biggs92$0.34
4.James Sheldonpape92$0.34
4.Jeremy Matson92$0.34
4.Joe Warner92$0.34
4.Anthony Carrillo92$0.34
4.Ronald Reitz92$0.34
12.Aaron Cross93$0.06
12.Garth Meacham93$0.06
14.Larry Rogers94$0.03
14.Mike Conder94$0.03
14.Nick Bird94$0.03
14.Anthony Foster94$0.03
14.J.T. Keough 94$0.03
19.James Miyasato95$0.00
19.Jeff Matson95$0.00
19.Clint Cartwright95$0.00
22.Brian Madrid96$0.00
23.Eric Callner97$0.00
25.Bruce Morrill98$0.00
25.William Day98$0.00
27.Ron Stoppable99$0.00
28.Chris Crain100$0.00
29.Christian Tiratira103$0.00
29.Nick Manning103$0.00
31.Sharon Witt104$0.00
32.Joe Neilson106$0.00
32.Bradley Crews106$0.00
32.Robert Vallecillo106$0.00
35.Ken Keegan107$0.00
35.Adam Webb107$0.00
35.David Bakanas107$0.00
35.Jon Swanson107$0.00
39.Luke Fendrick108$0.00
40.Julius Riglioni 110$0.00
40.Collette Sinnott110$0.00
42.Scott Ferguson112$0.00
43.Amy McClintock117$0.00
44.Rich Young118$0.00
45.Lauri Sampson124$0.00
46.Mike Davies132$0.00
47.Brian Freymueller DQ$0.00