Chapter News

2019 Las Vegas Fore

Wel well well ,, lookie here  . Look who’s walking away with a big check !!   My man Jedd ! There’s a story here about jedd, he started hitting me up last november to join our league and he was so disappointed that he had to wait till February to become a golfing mga’er. He was one of the most energetic recruits I’ve ever had . Then when the chapter grew to 85 he said “ shit” ill never win now !!  Well Mr Jedd ,, you did it ! Welcome to the big check club! You are our 2019 fore champion !  Congrats man ,, those 200 practice rounds paid off . 

Looks like we had about 55 golfers show up . I wanna thank everybody for showing up and a big thank you for those of you who kept making me change the groupings up to the last minute ,,, ( you suck ) the weather was so perfect that we had everybody finish the round ,,, nobody tapped out this time . A nice 85 degrees at tee time . 

i know at least 18 of us are trying to get our status correct for for the worlds by being in the top 15 ,,, keep up the good work everybody . Keep pushing . 

Rons raffle has been really cool . Big shout out to my right hand man “ron” . Don’t know what id do with out you ,hope you don’t join the HENDERSON chapter . 

It amazes me how large this chapter has grown , i hope everybody resigns up for 2020 because I’m gonna try and make it even better , currently I’m giving away 3 trips to the worlds this year . I’m hoping next year to have more sponsors , some press and give away 5-10 trips to beautiful downtown Las Vegas . Bear with me as we grow and if u want to go to HENDERSON mga , i understand !  It will be nice to beat u down ! 

Till next time ,

eolamont your Las Vegas mga babysitter

Our next tournament is the Las Vegas Douche Bag Invitational on sept 8th at Las Vegas National !  That’s a tough course right there , one of Las Vegas original courses and where Mr Tiger Woods won a tournament ( not a Mga one ) . Remember. ,, this is the douche bag so come as a douche bag if u want . Check last years pics if u want a example .. Lucy is our first place Douche bag so far , who can top it this year ? 


Also we have Las Vegas mga vs Pahrump mga on sept 29th ,,,, its always fun to go out to Pahrump . There good people out there . 

But wait there’s more ,,, wv Az mga will be out here on aug 16,17th at revere , they will have there peanut butter whiskey as a mixer ! 


See everybody soon . 

Event Results

1.Jedd Snaid84$1.71
2.Eric Lamont87$1.14
3.Anthony Carrillo88$0.90
3.Maria Rances88$0.90
5.Christopher Twist90$0.67
5.Josh James90$0.67
5.Ronald Reitz90$0.67
8.Daniel Biggs91$0.43
8.Jimmy Jones91$0.43
10.Ryan Jankowski92$0.19
10.Robert Vallecillo92$0.19
10.Ron Stoppable92$0.19
13.Joe Neilson93$0.08
13.Ej Krueger93$0.08
15.Patrick Petrie94$0.04
15.Dustin Lowe94$0.04
15.Jordan Jarvis94$0.04
15.Clint Cartwright94$0.04
19.Spencer Corben95$0.00
20.Joe Foti97$0.00
20.Eric Callner97$0.00
20.Dustin Burns97$0.00
20.Scott Ferguson97$0.00
24.Bruce Morrill98$0.00
24.Mike Davies98$0.00
26.Rob Melvin99$0.00
26.Anthony Foster99$0.00
29.Michael Stuto100$0.00
29.Ray Gallo100$0.00
31.Brian Eller101$0.00
32.David Bakanas102$0.00
33.Michael Phillips104$0.00
33.Bruce Schneider104$0.00
35.Alessandro Balzan105$0.00
36.Chip Houcek106$0.00
37.Aaron Cross107$0.00
37.Rich Young107$0.00
39.ciprian petculescu109$0.00
40.Brian Sweeney112$0.00
41.David Twist114$0.00
42.Salvatore Martin115$0.00
43.Garth Meacham117$0.00
44.WILLIAM DERRY124$0.00
45.paul wilkins125$0.00
46.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00