Chapter News

2019 bratish open

2019 bratish open is a done deal ! Local favorite and traveling guy , E.J krueger walked away with the big check this time , This is E.J’s 2nd Bratish open trophy in this long standing membership with the mga ! Seems he likes his juggs ! He fought off a competitive field of 64 golfers ,, thats right 64 golfers !! While some. Chapters field like 15 members, vegas has 90 or so members . Our chapter is the worlds ! If you can win in vegas then you are a worlds champion . My guys and gals are the best of the best ! And vegas is the place to live and golf .  It takes stones to be able to place in the money in the Las Vegas chapter . So to all those who braved the 115 degree heat and the slow play i say congratulations! Vegas is the best chapter out there and to my ___ , E.J , you were the best out there on  sunday !  It looks like i was the last name on the money list to swoop down and get a check ,, damn i made it on the list !    The scores were so close today that its a stroke here or a stroke there and your in the money so next time don’t forget this ,, keep up and keep cutting strokes !  I cant believe we only had 1 DQ this time ,, Jeff Boggs , keep up the good work ! 


Lots of thanks to everybody , we had only a couple of people quit on the turn because ,,,, hell it was 115 degrees out there but it was a dry heat !!!  Probably only one more hot tournment left but were playing at arroyo so there’s lots of shade . 


Great job by anthony foster and garth for coming in second . Maybe garth will win when he starts up the Henderson Chapter next year . Terry B came in 4th so she is now our Chapter money leader ! Great job girl . Jedd is shipping her away for the next tournament so we can knock her off the leaderboard . Jedd i owe u that $20.Jedd you are my come back player of the year so far ,, climbing that leader board as the season gets older . Your in the 80’s now .


cant forget our special guys ray , robert ,Cip and Paul .... way to go guys , you won the slug group !  Only a 8 hour round by you guys !   We had to send out.  The rescue squad to find you guys . Good thing the rescue dogs found you and brought you supplies so you could finish the round . 


Great job everybody ,, see you at arroyo ! 



Event Results

1.Ej Krueger85$1.26
2.Anthony Foster86$0.77
2.Garth Meacham86$0.77
4.Terry Bartmus87$0.63
5.Daniel Biggs88$0.56
6.Kevin M Williams89$0.42
6.Jedd Snaid89$0.42
6.Christopher Twist89$0.42
9.Rob Melvin90$0.28
10.Zack Harman91$0.21
11.Joe Neilson92$0.11
11.Randy Harman92$0.11
13.Bruce Morrill93$0.04
13.Chip Houcek93$0.04
13.Ron Stoppable93$0.04
13.Eric Lamont93$0.04
18.Mike Davies94$0.00
19.Eric Callner95$0.00
19.Gabriel Rios95$0.00
19.Jeremy Matson95$0.00
19.Anthony Carrillo95$0.00
23.Anthony Stotko96$0.00
23.Josh James96$0.00
23.Jordan Jarvis96$0.00
23.Jeff Matson96$0.00
27.ROBERT LEWIS97$0.00
28.Maria Rances98$0.00
29.Clint Cartwright100$0.00
30.Ronald Reitz102$0.00
30.Marco Farrarons102$0.00
32.Scott Flanigan104$0.00
32.Spencer Corben104$0.00
34.Steve Newey105$0.00
35.Joe Foti106$0.00
35.Dustin Burns106$0.00
37.Brian Sweeney108$0.00
38.James Miyasato109$0.00
39.Robert Kay110$0.00
39.Jerry Thompson110$0.00
39.Ray Gallo110$0.00
39.paul wilkins110$0.00
43.Peter Seremetis111$0.00
44.Patrick Petrie113$0.00
45.David Twist116$0.00
46.Bruce Schneider118$0.00
46.Jon Swanson118$0.00
46.Aaron Cross118$0.00
49.Ej Larson119$0.00
50.Scott Ferguson120$0.00
51.Salvatore Martin121$0.00
52.Alessandro Balzan123$0.00
52.Brian Hoisington123$0.00
54.Thomas Cross124$0.00
55.Kimo Botelho132$0.00
56.Nigel Trujillo135$0.00
57.Jeff Boggs DQ$0.00