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2018 Bastards

The 2018 BASTARDS winner Jarrad Hill

The 2018 Bastards started off as mediocre as ever with Jarrad Hill turning up unregistered as he registered for the wrong event, lucky he is a good cunt so we let him play.

Turned out it was a mistake letting him play as he tried hitting balls at the new stadium and random waterskiers and then went on to win the event!

Big brother Aaron (MUZZA) (THE LOUDEST GUY ON THE COURSE) Hill finished in a close second followed by the always hard to beat Germaney brothers.

The italian stallion Gabriele Santucci was in fine form and took home some gold hardware (Mediocre Award) to add to his fortune.

Brandon Lee is back for the 2018 season and considering he never plays golf and also plays left handed managed to Meagle the par 5 18th.

Perth MGA boss Luke McBride was looking the goods in his baby blue outfit and it seemed to work for him finishing 11 strokes better than last round.

Lucas Crofts had a slow start to the day but once he warmed up and started hitting every shot Happy Gilmore style he had a much improved back 9.