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2013 The Bastards - Perth MGA


After a comfortable win at the Rebel Beach Am-Am, Rhys Germaney was required to play from the tips. He didn't allow this to dampen his spirits as he had relatively no contention from any of the other Medios… however he was un-familiar with the mesmerising erratic inconsistent skill that can on rare occasions be produced by Trevor "Canuckistan" Graham. 


After 18 holes the scores were tallied and it was discovered that both Rhys and Trevor had both shot a gross score of 89, and both were carrying 2 penalty strokes.
With daylight running out fast we decided to introduce the breathalyser tiebreaker. Remarkably, they have both blown an identical reading of .290 BAC so we were forced to go to a putting challenge to settle it.
After several perfect puts from both of them, finally Trevor missed his eighth putt by only a few millimetres resulting in Rhys Germaney being declared the back to back overall winner of the first two tournaments of the season, and giving him a comfortable lead on the global money list.
It looks as though we will run out of tee markers to move Rhys back any further so there is a strong possibility that the rest of the field will have to move forward and play from the ladies tees at the Fore Championship, while he plays two miles back from the tips.
With the exception of Rhys and Trevor, the only other player to shoot below 100 was Rhys' older brother Luke Germaney who shot a 96, beating his previous tournament score by two strokes.
Colin Greenham, aka Cleatus Floggs, nailed the longest drive with ease… not just because he was the only one to land on the fairway but because his swing has shown dramatic improvement in the past few months and we should expect to see some increasingly competitive results from him as the season progresses.
Notable stuff that happened during the day...
Richard Geoghegan was the first to tee off. With a large crowd of spectators he opted not to take a practice swing but decided that he was simply going to waltz right up to the ball and dazzle the audience with incredible distance and accuracy, and this is exactly what he did. 335 yards straight up the middle - that was his club head. His ball however came to rest just short of the red tees earning him the Most Mediocre Award.

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is Karl taking a poop in the drivers seat

Does this mean Rhys plays from the BLACKS, next month???? The man better be in VEGAS.....