Chapter News

1st Win and Best Round

When it comes to the MGA, we all know that shooting in the 70's and 80's is always a bleak possibility. For some of us, a rarity. We also know that if we put our mind to it, 70's and 80's are a possibility. Well, for this years' Douche Bag Invitational, Mr. Ben "B1g D1ck" Masuga pulled of that feat. He alone won the tournament by 2 strokes but also shot his best round EVER!

Congrats BD!

Event Results

1.Ben Masuga85$1.10
2.Matthew Lee87$0.73
3.Shawn Jolley92$0.61
4.Chris Richardson95$0.55
5.Jason Uebelhoer 96$0.49
6.Jose Aguayo97$0.43
7.Patrick McLellan99$0.37
8.Zach Sloman 103$0.30
9.Daniel Peters104$0.24
10.Courtney Elizabeth Zorn Sloman109$0.18
11.Joshua Masuga110$0.12
12.Basir Robertson112$0.06
13.Joshua Thigpen116$0.05