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1st Major win and he is a Bastard......John Henley

Hello Medios....and welcome to The Knoxville MGA Bastards! The field was covered with 34 for medios, some searching for their first Bastards win and a few trying to become the first to repeat as a Bastard Champion!

It was perfect Bastards conditions, as the night before the weather gods came in and soaked the course, but hey if you wanted great conditions, you would be playing in that other league with carpet fairways and perfect temperatures!


Hole #10 the group with Pruitt, Henley, Vass and Jeff, got to witness Jeff making his first ever meagle in his golf career! First year playing in the MGA and Jeff is already making memories! Hole #5 Fred hits his drive to the 140 mark, however, it catches the path and rolls back to the 210 mark, where Shane had to move the cart out of the way. Maybe next time play the fairway and that crap doesn't happen! Hole #18 Bill decided to leave his partner hanging......literally! If you want the full story, might want to ask Bill or Dave about that!!

The Jackpot for the Chapter is growing, as nobody apparently wants to win any money! Korey hit a great shot on the CTP, but failed to sink it for meagle. Daniel Vass took advantage of the Red Key and out drove everyone, but yet again, NO MEAGLE! The bigger Jackpot is our Hole in 2, where Bowers placed one roughly 4 feet from the hole, but he said "Na" I want the Jackpot to get bigger, missed the putt!

Pruitt took home the longest putt, which was about 6 feet and finished off the hole with par. Andrew earned yet another towel, as he melted down shooting a +11 on the back, he is giving lesssons!

Newcomer Steve Beam took home the Horses Ass trophy with the most 10's on the day edging out Darrell, didn't got home empty handed as he won the RED KEY! We don't call him the GOAT for nothing, guy has more hardware than anyone in the Chapter!

Now for the Champ! This is his first career Major win, and surprisingly only his second career win overall. The New 2023 Bastards Champion is John Henley. John shot an 84 gross and a 85 overall edging out Terry. Welcome to the Bastards Family John, wear that old stinky jacket well!

We would like to Thank all our current sponsors for the 2023 season:

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Wrong Hole Golf Company

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Event Results

1.John Henley85$1.26
2.Terry Beason 86$0.84
3.Daniel Vass90$0.70
4.Fred Tipton93$0.60
4.Jason Pruitt93$0.60
6.Shane Peck94$0.49
7.Jeremiah Householder95$0.42
8.Martin Niezgoda96$0.35
9.Sean Fay97$0.25
9.Joe Ontiveros97$0.25
11.Andrew Millett98$0.09
11.Dave Keener98$0.09
11.Jeff Nelson98$0.09
14.Steven Beam100$0.04
14.Russ Elliott100$0.04
16.Jason Martinez 103$0.02
16.Jeremy Ruperto103$0.02
18.David Simons 104$0.00
19.Bill Hickman105$0.00
20.Nathan Byrd107$0.00
20.Patrick Stambaugh107$0.00
22.Austin Putt108$0.00
22.Lucas Stinnett 108$0.00
22.Curtis Stone108$0.00
25.Justin Paul110$0.00
26.Thaddeus Danson111$0.00
26.Shelly Henley111$0.00
28.Korey Whitlock113$0.00
28.Jason Bowers113$0.00
28.Michael Forcier113$0.00
31.Tom Walker114$0.00
32.Damon Rawls117$0.00
33.Darrell Roberts128$0.00

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